Chapter 6Mature


Winter solstice
October, 12th

 I lowered my car to just about the worse bit of landings I’d ever accomplished in my adult life. Outside of a creepy looking building, with blackened stone and gargoyles set top the roof looking cynically down at me--or was it smugly? I couldn’t tell their expressions always seemed to change depending on how I felt.

When Titanic and I had first come to New York I loved this building because it had this eerie ancient beauty, it was a very old building, built something in the twentieth century. And now I hated it for the exact same quality. I climbed out of my mini copper and closed the door. No need to lock it, one good thing about the apocalypse the demons seemed to scare petty criminals into oblivion or bigger mischief; either way my car was still safe. I had so many amulets stapled to the inside of my car that no demon, ghost or certain types of cats could enter.

I rushed towards the building, I’d rented an apartment a month ago, I know Titanic would scold me for staying so long in one place but if she was alive I knew she’d come back to New York, I knew she’d come here. And now the demons knew where I was.

I’d starting feeling a presence following me for a week now and it gradually become closer and more intent, then more hostile. And today I’d seen the shadows in the streets taking forms. It was indeed a sign I should’ve been gone two weeks ago.

The rain was coming down harder now, than it had been when I left the café. Large puddles formed in every possible dimple in the road.  It dampened my coat as I rushed across the sidewalk to the building door. Hiding in the small shelter of the door way I jammed my key into the lock and pushed open the door. I rushed up the stairs as fast as I could the keys jiggling in one hand as I gripped my shoulder bag for dear life. Rounding the corner on to the third floor I decided to take the elevator as my office was on the forty fifth floor.

I pulled open the elevator door and pumped the lever to power the battery, the lights over head flickered to life. I pushed the button for my floor and continued to the pump the lever as the elevator rose quickly to my floor. I pushed the doors of the elevator, they creaked and jerked open.

I dashed down the hall towards my room. I kicked the door to my apartment open, not bothering with the key. I dove across the garnet floor and sliding across smooth surface of my office area. The carpet of the living room ended my gliding. I scrambled across the rug and sat in front of the fire place. I tossed my shoulder back on to cold firewood. I pulled out a packet of matches and caught the bag on fire. As the olive canvas fabric caught on flame and began to burn I felt the familiar presence from the streets.  He’d found me.

I lit several more matches to aid in the process.

As the presence began to seep further into the room I grabbed my sword resting on the mantel piece. It was inscribed with along the blade with symbols that allowed it to kill demons. I don’t know how demons die or where they go but when this sword stabs them they disappear and at that’s all that matters really.

A figure constructed loosely of gathered but dense black smoke glided into the living room with blazing orange eyes, otherwise he was featureless.

There were a couple of demons Titanic had yet to find protection from, and the one that fit this description was a Fear. A demon that feeds off fear, more than any other demon, fear gives him a form, your worst nightmare, and it solidifies him. I was kind of curious as to how he’d pull off fear of heights.

“Looking for something?” I asked brandishing the sword at it.

“Nat?” It asked in a soft scared voice, taking on a female form. It was strange, if I looked at it one way it looked like Titanic but If I looked at another way it was my aunt. Either way it was dead, brutally murdered and covered in dried blood.

“You can’t scare me.” I said fiercely, trying to clam my skipping heart.

“You like to play the hero don’t you?” it asked. “Brave until the end.” The Fear shifted into me, at first I was dead but it adjusted the image so I was possessed. A sinister smile, I didn’t even know my lips were capable of, crossed the demon me’s face.

“Not feasible.” I pointed out. I had a tattoo that protected against possession.

It shifted back to my dead aunt.

“Everyone dies.” I informed her.

As much as I’d like to play guess what Millie fears most until the documents burned I had to find a way to get out before It’s buddies came. I scanned the room looking for possible exist and thinking up a strategy to get to each one.

The demon looked past me at the fire consuming my bag.

“Are those the names?” It asked.

“What?” I gasped, that was a first. I’d never been asked that before they normally wanted to destroy our latest discovery in protection against them.

“Whose names?” I asked.

“The witnesses?”

I frowned.

Deciding I was useless It raised its hand towards the fire.

“Ah.” I cried, ducking to the floor as the fire erupted into a tall menacing figure. The fire demon tossed my half burnt bag from the fire and tried to grab at my leg. 

The End

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