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“If you really believe this.” I said. Wow I was doing a lot of things I thought I never would for this girl. I don’t really understand my affinity to her. Maybe because it was that we both believe the same thing only she’d gotten a bit further with her belief and she wasn’t afraid of fighting for them. Maybe be if I helped her get this story published I’d finally help myself accept that somehow my parents were still alive.

“You should publish it.” I said.

She raised her eyebrows at me like she was expecting a set up.

“Nothing is stopping you, you can write the story toss in a couple of drawings. Make it like a two paged pamphlet. Or those 50 cent horror novels you can pick up at the corner store. I can help you distribute it.” I offered.

“You are! I was confused at first but you’re trying to help me! Why?” Titanic asked.

Why did she keep leading me back to this same answer?!

‘The car crash victims are my parents I need to help them and you’re the only one who can explain what is happening. I need your help!’

“Okay, I admit it I’m strangely drawn to the story. I think…it sounds real—ly cool.”

Titanic smiled.

“I knew under all that uppity-better-than-everyone-journalist bit you were a weirdo too.”

“Yeah, you got me.” I laughed.

The next day she brought me a sample of her story, we tweaked it and worked on it until we deemed it perfectly eerie and published it. The first day sucked, we sold about two copies. But after the first day it was banned and after the ban it became an instant success.

The students really liked the story and they wanted more like it. So continued the magazine but we had to take up fake names, yes even a girl named Titanic need a fake name.

Titanic found creepier stories and I investigated them and wrote about them. She drew the pictures and we made ourselves a little cover for our magazine. It was one of Titanic’s paintings of a coffee cup on a blood splattered newspaper that announced the end of the world. Reflected in the coffee was a monsters face. Steam swirled sinisterly up for the coffee mug. And under the title Café daily was a little Latin phrase Titanic had chosen.

When we first started we only distributed it around the schools but once that got tricky we posted the magazine on the web and other free media outlets.

As our magazine progressed and our grades fell, it became easier to find these supernatural events, they appeared poorly explained in mainstream newspapers. I wondered if it was always like this and I just had been blind to it or if we had encouraged something. When I voiced this worry to Titanic she smiled and said.

“I’ve been seeing the world like this ever since I was born.”

By the time I was eighteen and Titanic was nineteen, I was found out as the writer of café daily and expelled before graduation. My aunt was not too pleased about that or ‘my obsession with the undead’ as she called it.

So Titanic and I moved from California to New York and continued our magazine which, at this point, was highly successful. In the year I turned twenty things started to look ugly. Incidents were happening across the world, it was too easy to deem them supernatural, and the newspapers wouldn’t report on them properly. People turned to Café daily for answers, I never thought we’d become referred to the as the one honest news outlet. I still thought the things Titanic can up with were crazy.

It became impossible for me to be the only writer of café daily with all the stories needing to be reported. So we extended the Magazine once more, until it had the proper page count of a magazine and hired more journalist.  It’s sad to say that our success was only due to the destruction of the world. 

The End

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