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 We stumbled through the dimly lit cabin and to the door.  Keith kicked it open while still balancing me in his arms.

He carried me out into the yard of the cabin. The lawn was your average apocalyptic lawn, dead grass drowned in foul smelling mud. Thin, sad scraggly trees bent over from the initial wind storms that had raged across the land at the start of the unending night. That’s what the apocalypse was, the absence of light. It started with a dark storm cloud breaking out in Virginia and other industrially locations across the world. It spread until it engulfed the world. The days were dark and gloomy the nights even more so but also a lot more sinister and foreboding.

Keith had parked his car in a thicket of trees, hiding and nearly indistinguishable as a car in this poor lighting.

“This is gonna get tricky and a bit painful.” Keith warned.

“I’m a big girl I can handle it.” I said.

Keith smiled, I was almost certain he was going to say something like ‘that’s my girl’ but he didn’t. He simply shifted me as gently as he could onto his hip so we were like participants in a three legged race. And using one arm to hold me securely and painfully in place he used the other to push the trees from the car door.

Most people liked to call them flying cars or hovercrafts but that was so 2000 and primitive. Everyone knew how these cars worked. They used the earth’s magnetic core and a system of attraction and repulsion to fly, there was no need to get all nerdy and call them flying cars. No one called the old cars ‘driving cars’ when they had those landlubbers. So these were just cars. But people and their opinions and can take the simplest ideas and complicate them; maybe that’s just me though.

Keith’s car was what I liked to call a Bird or as they are so cleverly titled a Hybird, get it? Honda was coming out with a new Hybrid car, before the apocalypse happened, no it wasn’t mixed with a bird. It was a cross between a car and a jet, it promised to travel faster and was nigh impossible to crash. They can out with a prototype for the extremely rich. They only ever made nine and Keith had one of them.

It was ultra aerodynamic designed like a bullet but shaped like a hawk. Silver wings were folded at its side they came out on when the car began to fly. The front end was shaped like a hawks head pointed beak and all. The rear end chiseled out into a long sleek tail.

Keith opened the passenger door the car and shimmied me inside.

“Buckle up.” He said.

“I’d rather tempt fate.” I teased.

“With your luck?” He asked.

“Oh shut.” I laughed pushing the safety belt button. A thick leather strap wrapped around my waist and crossed my chest in an X, locking me to the seat and the to the emergency jet pack it contained.

Keith went around the car and climbed into the driver’s seat. He put on his seat belt. He placed his thumb over the ignition, touching the DNA recognition screen.

“Welcome Keith.” Spoke a cheeky female British voice as the recognition was complete.

“Back so soon? Where to this time?” she asked.

I raised my eyebrows. “She’s British?”

“Who Nat?” Keith asked.

"Nat?" I inquired.

"Natasha, and yes she’s from London." Keith explained.

"Of course she is, although Honda is Japanese."

"I never said she wasn't Asian." Keith pointed out with a smug little smirk.

“Last destination.” he said to Nat.

“Sure thing babe.” Nat replied flashing the coordinates to my apartment up on the navigation screen which overlaid the windshield.   

“Stalker.” I said scanning over the grid.

“A common mistake.” Keith said pushing the head lights on. He pulled the repulse lever back and the car hummed softly as it rose into the sky. He tapped the acceleration peddle and we rose in to the fast lane. Which I tended to avoid, only ‘cause it was a good deal into the clouds and aside for the clouds being sinister formation of lost and evil spirits I was afraid of heights. Even when the clouds were just little puffs of water vapor I still stayed within the city building limits Titanic had always teased me about it.

She was always a daredevil.


The End

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