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I lay back down on the coach rubbing my sore head trying to remember the events of last night. My brain felt like deviled egg with too much paprika and wouldn’t cooperate. After ten minutes of this, counted by the soft tick-tock of a clock invisible in the darkness I pulled myself back into a sitting position and threw the blanket from my legs, to find my left leg wrapped from hip to ankle in a thick white bandage.

“Oh, no.” I breathed, the highlights of last night slowly returning to me.

I scanned the darkness of the cabin; I could feel the presence of someone or something in here with me.

A door opened to my left and a shadowed figure entered the living room a lantern hovering over the palm of his hand and he was shading the light with the other. When he saw me sitting up he dropped his hand and was illuminated by a faint aura of light.

I blinked at the brightness.

“She lives.” He said smiling.

I didn’t return the smile, though he did not look as scary as when I’d seen him crashing through my window.

He looked relatively human, if it weren’t for his pupil-less eyes he’d look completely human. He had short hair, blond, with wavy curls. His eyes were a deep shade of navy. His face was tough and rugged but very handsome in a symmetrical way.

He looked quite pleasant, when he wasn't getting ready to kill some demons, dressed in a navy turtle neck and jeans; not a single trace of metal on his skin.

He looked so familiar to me; it couldn’t simply be because of his resemblance to Peter Pan. I'd seen him somewhere before, before last night.

“How are you feeling?” He asked taking the seat across from me.

“What are you?” I demanded, watching him closely.

“I’m fine thank you for asking, the Hell Hound didn’t do too much damage to me. And I’m glad you’re feeling okay too, quite a lot of blood you lost, had me worried for a second.” He said pleasantly ignoring my question.

“What are you?” I repeated more forcefully.

“You’re very rude; didn’t your Aunt teach you any manners?”

I raised my eyebrows at him, how did he know my aunt had brought me up.

“Answer the question!” I ordered reaching for the demon repelling amulet I wore around my neck and brandishing it at him.

He surveyed it with a slightly mocking smile.

“That won’t stop me from touching you.” He said leaning forward and poking the amulet just for demonstration. “But asking nicely might.” He offered.

I glared at him, dropping the useless amulet, it fell into place around my neck as I mentally counted all the times he’d already touch me, while I was wearing the amulet.

“As for your question,” He said at last. “I’m a Metalmorphis.”

I raised my eyebrows, questioningly at him.

“A Metal-morphis?” I repeated questioningly.

“I can control, metal and morph into it.” He explained holding out his hand to me. The flesh hardened into sliver then melted into a Revolver.

“Oh!” I gasped, sliding deeper into the coach.

He laughed as his hand reformed, and softened into flesh once more.

“You’re twitchy.”

“Wonder why.” I commented.

I studied him closely, my confusion ever growing.

“Keith, it’s Keith right?”

He nodded.

“Why are…um…how come….”

Oh, I couldn’t find the right words so I just blurted the first question that formed in my mind.

“Why haven’t you killed me yet?!”

Keith looked at me incredulously for a moment before busting up laughing.

“Is that what’s bothering you?” He asked fighting to compose himself.

“Well, killing isn’t that what demons do?” I demanded.

This silenced his laughing.

His eyes shifted to black, he gave me a dark look.

I think I'd offended him. Come to think of it, he’d had insisted upon being angel--my guardian angel. I was too afraid to ask about that.

“I’m not a demon.” He said pointedly.

“Then where are your wings?” I asked.

He ignored me.

“My duty is to protect you.” He finished.

“Like a body guard?” I asked “I didn’t pay for you.”

“Like a guardian angel.” He corrected. “And the best things in life are free.”

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” I pointed out.

"Don't compare me to food that never ends well." Keith protested.

I sighed, running a hand through my short hair. How was I supposed to lose this guy? Titanic had told me never to trust strangers but I didn't want to be alone anymore. I was incapacitated and he'd proven to be a great demon slayer.

I studied his face hard for a moment trying to find some reason to trust him.

Ugh, he looked so familiar it was frustrating. 

"Have we met before?" I asked, I unable to stop myself. 

Keith looked up from his knitted fingers an odd expression on his face as if he wished to say 'yes' yet he couldn't confirm it. 

I gasped! I'd seen that expression before. 

“You! You!”


The End

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