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I'd heard of their deaths so much now, from the cops, in the local news, from my neighbors I'd become familiar and numb to the pain. But now hearing it like this, told as a link in some demonic ritual, I couldn't handle it.

I wanted to scream. My parent’s memory was sacred! They were innocent! I wanted to grab that police file from the stack and pull them away from this mess. By protect their memories from any harm somehow I'd erase the harm that had already come to them.

“No, no.” I shook my head getting hastily to my feet.

Titanic paused in her talking and frowned at me.

“No!” I repeated, more to the universe than any one person. I grabbed my bag, seeking nothing more than to be alone.

Titanic looked nervously around the rooftop as if expecting to see someone.

“Wh--what is wrong?” She whispered.

“It’s none of your business!” I snapped.

She raised her eyebrows.

“Their death is none of your business.”  I yelled, stifling my tears with anger. I knew Titanic wasn't responsible for my parents death but she was the one who'd connected them to this chain-death so in some way she was. 

“But they didn’t die, haven’t you heard a word I've said? They’re still alive!”

I gasped. Shocked. Hopeful. Furious.

I could’ve slapped her across the face, if I weren’t so paralyzed by rage.

Why was she doing this to me? Who had told her? Was this a Joke?  How was this funny? This was Cruel. CRUEL!!

“Just stop!” I cried turning on my heels and racing across the roof to the stairwell.

“Stop what?!” Titanic called after me, standing to her feet, she made to follow me but stopped thinking better of it.

I rushed down the stairs without paying too much attention to not tripping as a consequence I did so several times. However, I didn’t feel the pain until I’d reached my room and collapsed on my bed shaking with tears.

How had she known how I felt? That I believed my parents were still alive.

The answer, she didn’t. She believed what she was saying.

I would have preferred that she was just trying to torment me. Her honesty was more terrible than any prank she could've pulled.

I couldn’t deal with this right now, I could deal with their deaths, I'd never been able to. But then how could I deal with their death when I believed they were still alive. When I heard their voices calling out to me, muffled by an impenetrable fog, pleading for help?

I felt so alone, so confused, so sad.

A world of “what if’s” plagued my mind.

What it she knows something.

What if she can help me find them?

What if she’s dangerous?

What if…

The game of 'hide and seek' was over my troubles had found me, I couldn't run away again.

I had to know.

The End

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