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Chapter: The Beginning


It has been a hundred years since I was brought to my Lord and rightly accused of treason. Ninety-nine years since I attempted and succeeded in recovering my memories. Ninety-Nine years since I was rightly accused of treason again, killed my Lord, and escaped the gallows with aid of a Water Nymph tribe.

It has been thirty-seven years since the Lord Miken was born. Twenty years since he began the search of vengeance for his ancestor Lord Bastian. Five years since he failed and had his memories removed. Five years since he was given to the Serani tribe. Five years since the Serani tribe took him and led him into believing everything he had grown up not believing.

For five years I have grown more and more confused by this world. By the Nymphs for seeming more human than I originally believed, by the humans for not learning from past errors. For one year I have searched this land for something pristine despite the age and destruction of our world. Calder, a Water Nymph who has been my friend for over one hundred years, journeyed with me, aiding me in my search while teaching me the tongues of the world. For half a year we shared our search with a Derkan: a small, forty to sixty pounds, beast with a long snout, white vines on the side of its skull for hearing and communication, leathery seaweed like skin, and webs down the length of their forelegs to give them the semi-ability to fly. Their eyes were two parts, one a disc the other a circle inside the disk, a thin piece of skin separating them. When they blink, theirs eyes disappear except for the overlapping skin of the circle.

As we searched uncharted areas of the world, I charted them, naming the areas by the species we found in them. Most were Nymph tribes; one was the home land of Derkans, where we found our most recent companion. One area was abandoned, its citizens eradicated while Lord Miken wreaked his vengeance upon our world, careless of the species innocent of such crimes he accused. Some areas had fallen to the poison leaked into our atmosphere from the humans mining deep into a world, taking every last resource before our planet died under its false sky.

My planet was littered with ruins, though. The earth was mostly dead, and the sky covered with the foliage of Autumn. This all came to pass after His death, the death of our sky. I know not how the inhabitants of this planet survived, many years ago when this tragedy came to pass.

And everything was worsened after His death. The sky is dead. I know not how we survive, especially at first when it was clear. Now, we have a sky of poison air and leaves. We know not how they came to be, but it gives us the ability to live. Sometimes a lie is what we need to live, and our fake sky is the lie we live with.

I know not what keeps us here. Vegetation is near nonexistent. The sun is no longer viewable, and artificial cannot sustain us forever. Animals, any animal, cannot live without organic vegetation, and the carnivores cannot survive without prey. There is life, past our dead sky, but we have not evacuated. We have not left this planet to its fate. Honestly, I think we are destroying worse than it was at the beginning…the aftermath of His, the Sky's, death. But how should I know? No one told me what happened, who killed Him. No one told me if the Man is still alive, or if the Sky has a chance of coming back.

Derkan's have a built in ventilation system, from ages leaving among valleys of volcanoes, but Calder and me? A mask is constantly covering our faces, and we saw the world through tinted glasses connected to the breathing mask. We are constantly wearing it, since our planet is poisoned everywhere…or so we thought.

Our travels have lead us to the black wastelands containing Derkans. It has led us to the Nymphs, water and otherwise, who seem to be able to keep part of the world alive the way it's supposed to be.

The End

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