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Aurora, what is it; Myth? Legend, Truth, or hope? Hope, what a waste of my time, I had hoped once; I had hoped I could be successful in my life, fall in love, all the usual self important bullshit! Then the Cataclysm happened. I honestly don’t know how long it’s been since it happened all I know is I lived and finale, I have what I’ve always wanted. Peace, Quiet and freedom to eat the meat.

 I suppose I better introduce my upper middle class arse: My name is Luke Jones, only son and heir to my father, some Duke of something or other I never cared for him or his social status. Just as my brother and I thought it did him no good in the end, by far it made things worse, traditionally Britain doesn’t have a fault line running through it but when big fuck off asteroids hit, things that traditionally happen go the way of the Dodo, one day that analogy will be changed to us, gone the way of man the animals will say. So what is Aurora worth to me? Nothing then a pipe dream to keep the remaining masses happy and the meat in fresh supply.

Where and how do I live you might be wondering, well our childhood home went up in smoke or rather down into rubble. What luck we weren’t at home then, I never got to hear my father, scream his final breathe as his mighty empire came down on top of him. Pity.  But the pompous oath left me a parting gift. He told me where keys could be found to reactivate some type of machine in Aurora, I’ve forgotten what importance the machine held, the place never interested me but, to the meat it was like a beacon.

 The meat would come from far and wide when they heard about a key in London, of course I knew the truth that, that key was long gone. Probably picked up by someone, (now there’s a piece of meat I’d like to meet) now that key was exactly in an ashtray guarded of course, by alarms, traps and spikes, the type of tomb raiding thing Lara croft would enjoy. So the meat comes here for no reward other than to live in my cooking pot. Cows, lambs, sheep and other such livestock suffered a similar fate as man with all that happened and shops were bare husks, so the meat is all we eat. When the y crosses that bridge, they have entered my web; I’m a patent coiled spider... just with a rather large rifle and particular appetite. Ben used to tell the time, it stood through wars of smoke and bombs, even now broken faced; he protects me and rings my dinner bell.

Ah, here comes some meat now... Sush, they’ll hear us.

“The itsy bitsy spider, aimed up his iron sights, Down *Bang* goes the meat as they scramble out of sight! *Bang* Come back you little bastards, and feed my appetite!” *Bang, bang, bang!*

Hmm you only caught one and wounded two this time Luke, I’m disappointed you didn’t do better, could’ve hit that Chin-Chong bitch, I’ve been aching for a little yellow meat for some time now.

“Silence L.J, I got a fat white guy can’t you at least be happy with that, he should keep our stores stocked for awhile”

I wanted the Yellow one! Feed me an Asian! I want to feast on that Sweet and sour whore!

You had two last week, you know they’re hard to come by nowadays, please be quiet you know you upset me”

They weren’t Asian! They were dark meat, I’m sick or whites and darks feed me something yellow I want some fast food inside me, roasted!, stew! Serve them with rice and noodles! Feed me some now!

Shut up, shut up, and shut up! There’s none here...”

Then take me somewhere that serves up yellow meat! Anarooa, Aurora whatever that place is called it’s in yellow meat land isn’t it, take me, feed me!

So off me and LJ march: to the city of Aurora.

and to feast on a little Kung POW chicken.

The End

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