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It's been only a few weeks since i set of towards Aurora and i stumbled across survivors sooner than i thought. A group of German's and German exchange students from America and The United Kingdom. My home town is in southern France, but my parents were English, so i grew up speaking two languages. But i still cant figure out what the Germans are saying, i have to talk though the exchange students.

The others have only heard of the great city of technology, and few even knew which country it was in. It's the second largest city in Naisuki, a country only about ten years old which was given its independence from Japanese held China, after the end of the third Shino-Japanese war. During the Chinese revolution from their  communist government, the Japanese helped the people secure the country, then diplomatically took half the country. The other half fought and lost, Naisuki was the last settlement to fall, and was renamed, i can't remember what it was called before.

As the last settlement to fall, it was originally going to be held for at least fifty years, but they let it go almost immediately, because the people were already wanting to be there own country and Japan couldn't really afford to keep it. So they became there own country, and with the help of Japan, the UK and the EU. It soon became the largest economical country in the world. After which it put its money into technology and exported to keep others from attacking it and taking over.

So that's the story on where we're going, and it mean's we need to cross though Russia, which is always a place you don't want to be, even without the cataclysm. After Aurora was built, they became very jealous and were about to attack, but the NWO (New World Order) told them to stop, or be attacked. The NWO is ruled by three different countries, the UK sits at the head, Japan run the military of the NWO and France viewed all international diplomatic meetings, to make sure both sides got a fair deal (unless France were involved then either Japan or the UK would do it)

You must be wondering what about the great USA? Well, it's leaders got pissed off at how the UN collapsed and when the NWO came into being they were not one of the leading countries. The NWO told them to stop being so childish, and they attacked the UK. Now the USA's navy and army had dwindled down to much smaller sizes because of the UN's sanctions on Americas behavior, in other words, because it attacked a lot of places when told not too. So the UK's millitary drove into New York and Washington, whilst Japan spread though the east. Soon the EU joined them and America fell, it kept its land, but is kept under iron thumbs of the NWO.

And so off we go, to the Japanese speaking Naisuki, where technology reigns and food might be, its a flight distance of about 4700 miles. So we might be a while, but if we can get a car, bus, lorry, whatever. I can get it working most likely and it will be a lot faster journey. Well good luck to us, hopefully we'll all make it.

The End

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