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I walked the lonely streets for yet another time. The world was so quiet and so eerie. Yet I felt no fear because I had nothing to be afraid of. The worst possible thing had already happened. Everyone I had ever loved or cared for was gone.

My little village was completely gone, or so the news reported. I had been on a German Exchange programme at the time of the disaster. Luckily Dusseldorf only got a magnitude 3 earthquake. I saw luckily. It still caused damage and cost lives. Not my life; maybe that was the worst bit about this disaster. That I was here My village where everybody I loved lived had crumbled under the pressure of earthquakes then engulfed by a sweeping flood.

Flood. Some people in Germany would love that. The resources were running out and no new crops were growing. The ground was poor and the rain refused to fall. This world was a nightmare. A living hell.


"Louis! Louis!" my german penpal, Gus yelled waking me from my slumber. His face was a mix of pride and hysteria, a very odd mixture.

"Wh-What is i-it?" I yawned. While still fatigued I barely remembered that I lived in hell.

"I've found food. More food. Endless amounts of food. There is a place called Aurora-or something of the sort that was famed for synthetic nourishment. We need to go there!"

Aurora. I had heard of that place. It was miles away.

"I can help you" someone spoke, perfectly on cue as though they had read my mind "I know how to get to Aurora"

This tourguide stood out from the shadows before coating me in his own. He had long, just under the ears, straight brown hair. He looked young perhaps just a bit older than me but held the persona of the authority figure I so longed. Things had turned savage and the people were resorting the surviving beyond the law. The world was getting scarier

"The name's Michael" with that this stranger set off, most likely in the direction of Aurora. I quickly followed without a word from Gus. The German wondered whether to follow and contemplated on how reliable this guy was. I followed because I had no fear anymore. Things could only get better.


The End

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