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It all went to hell, all of it. My family, my friends, my future career, all of it. My name is Michael Ferst, a soon to be university student. Well i was going to be, but the cataclysm put an end to that. Orbis Silicis, the name given to a group of asteroids that mysteriously formed their own orbit around the earth, giving us a protective ring if you like. Of course people were wary of the new formation in the sky, but soon ignored it and carried on with life.

It must have been about two months ago now. When the asteroids suddenly broke off and fell onto the bemused planet, destroying civilisations, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. Soon the world would be engulfed with turmoil, many died in the initial impact of the meteorites, but more died in the natural disasters that happened after. The earthquakes took several days to calm down, and the tsunamis basically washed the modern world clean.

I remember when it first happened, the fear that struck, and the loss i suffered. There were reports a couple of days after the cataclysm, the damage total and fatalities. The first guess was at about four billion people, but later on they realized that it was closer to nine billion. The world had about nine and a half billion people before the meteorites struck, five hundred million seems so little in comparison.

I hate the fact that i survived. I was the only one one who hasn't died in the small town of Jerbauk, where i grew up. All my friends, all my family, and everyone else from the town either died in the natural disasters or the disease that spread afterwards. Now my main priority is to get to Aurora, the city said to have the technology to synthetically create healthy food and water out of thin air. I have my doubts but its worth a shot, I'd like to think I survived because of some higher power, but i know its just luck. So with my great luck i pack anything useful I can find, pack it in a rucksack and bid farewell to the place i grew up, and the place where i lost everything.

The End

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