Cado Orbis SilicisMature

One day in the future an asteriod ring is formed in by gravity around the earth. during a sudden surge of gravity the asteroid ring is sent flying towards earth, inevitably destroying all civilisation and 93% of the population die.

It all started two months ago. When the asteroid belt buckled to gravity and descended upon humanity and her civilisations. All but a few where wiped out, the original tolls where thought to be only fifty percent. But injuries and constant fires soon condemned most that where left. Now only seven percent of the population are said to be alive.

The city is their only salvation, with the technology to synthetically create food and water that is healthy to eat and drink, at the touch of a button, they flock to the city with the slim hope it is undamaged.

We follow those that flock to the city, and learn about the hardships they will face, and how they will overcome them. In the face of the cado orbis silicis , or falling ring rock, they now tread on weary legs to the city of Aurora.

The End

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