Going Home

I ran as fast as i could back to the campsite. I heard Curtis Behind me Yelling WAIT UP. I didn't care. WHo needed him. He didn't want to help me. he was just pittying me . Just as i was running down a hill towards the campsite i tripped and fell down, scraping most of my arm and some parts of my leg. I Groaned in pain.

"Ohmygosh" Said a voice

I looked up. It was Stacy

"What do you want.." i said

"I saw how hurt you were. i was worried Luis" She said

"Don't be" I said.

"Listen, lets talk about this" she said holding a hand out to help me up.

"Whats their to talk about i thought..." i started

"Luis..." she started

"LET ME FINISH...i thought you were perfect for me, your pretty, your fun to be around.." i said

"We live in different towns" she stated

"Yah...perfect exept for that..i just think im gonna have trouble getting over you" i said

Stacy looked around, then she kissed me full on the lips then walked to be with her squadren. It was time to go home.

I turned to see curtis standing behind me.

" IN YOUR FACE" i yelled at curtis

"What?" He stared at me

"Il explain on the bus, now help me up before i bleed to death"

Curtis helped me up, we got on the bus. I didnt know about everyone else, but this was defently a camp weekend that id never forget

The End

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