Looking for Luis

To be honest the skits were pretty good, Luis's group was awesome, and mine got alot of compliments, all to me for being the main character. It was called paper, I was looking for my paper but no one knew what it was, so they all yelled at me when a guy gave me toilet paper, and I said thank you.

After that everyone was using the fire to make some really good cocoa, I made one for me and one for Luis. I saw Luis talking to Stacy, I walked up, and he ran away.

"Gee that's nice"

"No no no" Stacy heard me. " He's not running away because of you."

I asked Stacy what she meant, and she told me what happened. I wasn't sure whether to fell bad for Luis, or call him pathetic. Evidently I went with choice number one, and ran after him.

I never noticed it before, but when Luis is depressed, he's really really fast. I'm usually faster than Luis, at this point he was twice his normal speed. We got to the field where we did challenge two and I stopped. I knew I would never be able to catch him on foot.

Then I noticed the daisy rifle.

Immediately I grabbed it, set it up, and loaded it. I didn't even bother aiming because that would take too long, and I didn't actually plan to shoot him. So I just pointed up and fired.

It worked perfectly. He heard the shot, got scared, and ran behind a tree. Then I ran over.

" Stacy told me what happened" he didn't respond so I just kept talking. " Dude come on! You were never gonna see her again anyway, why would you bother telling her?"

"Shut up." This time he did respond, somehow I knew that was coming.

"What did you expect to happen anyway?"

"I don't know. I liked her alot. I didn't think about anything else then that, guess im an idiot eh" he said starting to cry a little.

"Well....... yeah kinda" then I heard him cuss under his breath. "Look, everyone does something stupid at one point in their life, yours just came at the wrong place and the wrong time."

"Whatever. I can't wait to get out of this rat hole of a camp. I'm going to bed." He stood up and ran back to camp.

"Anything I can do to help?" I called out at him. He stopped

"Yeah" he said quietly. "Leave me alone"

The End

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