Moment of Truth

Skits, our group went second, after a group that basicly did

"What Not to do in Cadet Camp"

Earning a total of...2 people laughing.

Then it was our turn.

Our Skit was called "Confession" basicly the squad leader was a priest and we went up to confess to him "drinking the holy water" my confession was that i locked my grandma in the bathroom. Needless to say mine was the funniest, however that could just be becuase i was the loudest

 The Rest were..interesting.

The whole time i was thinking about how right after i was going to tell Stacy that i like her.

So Right after all the skits were done, i looked around for stacy. I went to our squad leader who said stacy was by the fire. i went there and there was only one person there so i figured it was her. i was scared. Terrified even, so i closed my eyes and said

"Stacy...I like you"

To my shock and dismay, i heard my PARTNER stacy ,the freaking DUDE say "AWESOME".

So i turned and RAN AS HARD AS I COULD. Crashing into someone, falling to the ground. I didnt care, i was shocked 

"Um sorry" she said

"Oh, no problem" i said

Then i looked up and saw who it was.

It was...Stacy. Durr?

"Stacy, i have somthing i need to tell you" i said quietly

"What?" she asked

"Well..." i said Taking a deep breath. "I like you."

Me and her looked  at eachother awkwardly

"Oh..Im sorry i dont like you the same way" she said quietly

Oh....Crap. not quite the answer i was looking for. 

I Nodded ,then took off into the woods trying to get as far away from this stupid camp as possible


The End

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