The Next Day

 (By the way this is Curtis again)

The next day I was beat. I haven't seen luis since just before Night X, and during Night X I was tackled...... seven times.

I woke up before the staff called us, so I just decided to leave my tent and get ready. Bad idea. The warrent officers saw me,  grabbed me, and threw me back in my tent. Less then 20 seconds later they screamed "Wake up!", my refusal ended up getting me thrown out of my tent. I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

Anyway, then we went to classes, or at least we would've if our squad leader didn't get lost for half an hour trying to find the food and water class. Most of the classes were pointless and boring but I did manage to enjoy the shooting, trap making, and fire making classes (note: Johnny did alot of the work in trap making and fire making, and I was just helping, and testing..... with marshmellows, and Scrappy's foot)

After all the classes we sat in a field for twenty minutes doing absolutely nothing, then one of us decided to make up a song for us. I would've gladly beaten him, but it turns out that's what we were supposed to do after all. So we made it, and out of eight teams we came in second for best song, losing to a song I think I heard in Dickie Roberts former child star.

Then out of nowhere we all decided to walk into a forest, there our squad leaders made another challenge, where they had to be in pain and we had to make a stretcher. It did not go well. First off, our "third in command" decided to force water into our leaders mouth, almost drowning him. After which me and my friend Trevor decided we really didn't care if our squad leader died, then a tree split perfectly in two so we made a stretcher anyway, but no one thanked us, so we did nothing else.

We carried him into a field then teamed up with Team Delta I think, where I very well could've helped, but everyone was arguing so I just sat down and talked to my friend Lisa the entire time. That led to our team finishing last, so we weren't aloud to leave until everyone else went.

During the ride back to camp ( we got picked up by a combat vehicle), our squad leader told us we had to do a skit, so we quite literally made up the entire thing on the spot, then we arrived.

The End

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