Night X

Right back where we started. Night ex. Obviously stacy is number four

"Alpha Squadren Form up in Numbers!" Yelled Fl Sgt Elden




I waited for her voice to scream out her number. It didnt happen

"Oh, Sorry, Cadet Ackers is excused from this exercise, doing work for us"

And just then i relized, she was one of the people we were going to save.

So yah, The Older officers became "terrorists" hiding sevrel cadets around the campsite. our job was to go out into the woods and find them in a team of three, without getting caught. I was put in a group with two asians who hated me.

   So i switched with this other asian, to be in a group with Flight Corporal Toll and LAC Kelly.

  We ran through the northern woods a bit, searching for one of the cadets to save. We hid down under this bush when we noticed someone else sitting there. IT WAS STACY.

 Flight Cpl Toll knew i liked her, so he laughed pretty hard for a few minutes, before i helped her get up so we could return her to the truck, which is the "safe zone'.

 "Stacy, lets go" i said

"Konichiwa" she said quite loudly

I looked at her funny, and then started dragging her through the forest .  

"WHERE ARE WE GOING" stacy yelled

Me and Flight Corporal Bell went  "SHH" at the same time.

"We are going to the truck. now PLEASE stay quiet" i whispered

"OHTAY" she yelled

"Put your hand on her mouth, obviously this is part of the game" LAC Kelly said.

So i put my hand on her mouth with my left hand and grabbed onto her hand with my right. If i wasnt so drasticly running through the forest, majorly dehydrated,  i would have been smiling like a retard.

After running for about 5 minutes, we stopped to take a break. We were getting closer to the camp, next we'd either have to run on the side of the field, and risk capture from a Terrorist, or run streight through and risk capture, we decided to run from the sides.

"IM TIRED" yelled Stacy.

Me and Flight Corporal bell SHHed her again. And i thought, how was i gonna bribe her into staying quiet. And i remembered somthing.

"Hey, if you stay quiet till we get to the truck, i'll give you Chuga Chara action figures" I sayed quietly

She thought for a moment, then yelled


So we ran the side, dodgeing past The terrorists and finally reaching the truck where we were congradulated by other Cadets.

The Night Ex was almoust over, basicly for the rest we ran away from more Terrorists, until the leaders announced it was over.

I smiled like an idiot, not only did i save the girl of my dreams, but i had decided somthing, tomorow i was going to tell Stacy that i like her

The End

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