Listening to Luis

First off I should mention, after you have to drink five cups of green tea, spend an hour in a medical tent, and have to get pulled over a wall for challenge three ( and land on your knees), the LAST thing you want to talk about with your friend is a girl he met.

Anyway, that's what he talked about for the entire lunch. How they hit it off really well, how they both like the same stuff, and, as he repeatedly stated, how she was entirely perfect for him. He said her name was Stacy, I must've heard wrong at first because at that time I thought he said Steve.

After lunch our squads had to go to the forest, get one partner and make a tent. Obviously I ignored the second part because I got two people, Scrappy, one of the seven people from the city, and Johnny (aka the other white guy on my team), a big tough 16 year old who brought an illegal knife with him. Even so, he didn't seem to need it to destroy the tree we later used to make our roof.

We were one of the first teams done, when I went over to find Luis, I noticed that he was still struggling. He blamed his partner, who, ironically, was also named Stacy, but this one was a guy.

It took them almost three hours before they finished, and even then it looked like it had just been attacked by a bear. Immediately then, our squad leaders called us, and brought us to the field. Then they all dressed up as terrorists and ran away.

It was time for Night X.

The End

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