My first encounter: Luis

Oww. Damn that branch hurts!!!

  I looked up to see the girl, giggleing. Of coarse

I grunted, and pushed myself up. She stopped giggleing and started to look concerned

  "Um..Are you alright?" She asked

Try asking the major bruise on my head

   "Oh um, yah. Hi my name is Luis"

    "My name is.."

Then I heard the voice of all evil. This sea cadet that joined this camp cuz her mom was in charge. Ugh i hate her!

   "We use LAST names in cadets" she said with her snide voice

   "Well excuse me for being a noob" i yelled back.

Then she turned around all snobby like, with her nose up high and everything. Then continued on talking to her friends.

 I turned back to look at the girl.

  "As you were saying?"  i said meekly

 " Oh yah. My names Stacy" she said

 "Cool" I said back

We spent a few minutes in akward silence. Then as the group progressed, we talked about a few things. When it was time for lunch i learned many things about stacy.

She liked Anime like me.

She Enjoyed writing

She enjoyed reading the same books as i do.

Damn, it was like love at first uh, Fall.

I spent all the time marching back (as it WAS cadets) thinking about her. After i got my lunch i went to sit next to my friend Curtis, and the rest of the people From our Squad back at home. ...Well and this Fat chick who kept fallowing Flight Corproll Toll.

As i sat down i told Curtis about Stacy.

The End

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