Day One: Curtis

I woke up really early for some reason

Luis was still asleep, so I let him lay and grabbed my kool-aid. While I was drinking, the staff decided this would be a good time to yell "WAKE UP" directly into my ear, making me choke, and spit a bit on the korean kid.

That finally woke Luis up, but even so his movement was incredibly slow. I guess he's not a morning person.

Anyway, we assembled in our groups immediately and went to get our IMP's, I got oatmeal, pretty good, and then mexican rice, which was spicy, cold, and disgusting. Luis got the same I did, unfortunately he didn't like it quite as much as I did, as he quickly returned it into the outhouse.

Immediately we were sent off to do our first challenge, my first was rope bridge. I was doing well with my team, until my foot slipped on the rope and I was holding for dear life an inch above the ground ( if I fell, the team had to return to the other side, then they'd beat me).

After which, we went to downed pilot, trying to rescue people who crashed in a plane. Evidently, the mexican rice got to me and I spent the rest of the challenge in the medical tent drinking tea because of food poisoning. Fun friggin trip so far.

The End

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