Day one

When i woke up, i thought three things.

One. That the person Sleeping next to me (not Curtis) was trying to murder me with natural gas

Two. That I was gonna meet someone special

Three. The people who wake up the cadets are freaking LOUD

So Yah, me and Curtis got up, him easier then me. And walked down to the clearing as we got surved the discusting food that we in cadets like to called, I.M.P's. Or as id like to call, i am made of pee. Discusting.

    I'll Save you the other disturbing details, and skip streight to the Major event of this story, When i met her. Cheezy huh?

 So what happened, was that while the rest of my group did the first challenge, which was for us, "rescueing the downed pilot"

 So, for most of the event i sat back and talked to camile, one of my friends from cadets. Then i rememered my second thought. i  wanted to meet someone

I looked behind me, and i saw this Cute girl waiting by a tree, listening intentively. I smiled and walked over there. Trying to play it cool. Then i tripped on a log.

The End

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