The bus trip was torture.

The driver was just held up behind a car crash so he was impatient, and none of us felt safe because we smelt the whisky on his breath.

Oh, by the way, I'm Curtis, Curtis Randles. Yeah yeah yeah I know you expected Luis to tell most of this story, becuase it's about him and all, but I was in it almost as much as he was, so here I am.

Me and Luis, like everyone else, ended up throwing up halfway through the trip so we were quite relieved when we finally got to the camp. What none of us counted on was how rainy, dark and cold it would be there.

When the Hawkeye Squadron finally lined up to get assigned to a Squad, I figured out immediately that most of us were going to be separated from anyone else who we knew. I was two spots ahead of Luis, I got Golf, he got Alpha.

 When I found my squad, I fell to the ground. Whether it was because of the weight of my bags, because I was tired, or because I tripped on a root when I ran away from a red ant hill, I'm not sure. If you've ever been to a cadet camp, you won't be surprised when I say that almost everyone there was Asian, in fact, aside from one other guy, I was the only white kid in my group.

Enough about that though, once we met our squad leader and formed a line, we got to go to bed, in a giant tent. Me and Luis picked the spots next to each other ( and on the other side of me there was a korean who thought he was Einstein), and even before the entire tent got into a discussion about spiders on crack, I knew exactly what Luis was thinking.

"This is gonna suck."

The End

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