Cadet Camp Romance

A story a bout a young boy who found love, even in the harsh world of Air Cadet.s

"Alpha Squadren Form up in Numbers!" Yelled Fl Sgt Elden




I waited for her voice to scream out her number. It didnt happen

"Oh, Sorry, Cadet Ackers is excused from this exercise, doing work for us"

And just then i relized, she was one of the people we were going to save.

Woah Woah Woah, Im a BIT ahead of myself here. First let me introduce myself.

My name is Luis Jones. Im 13 years old, a A.C. in the Cadet Forces. and Passionatly in love with a girl i met only a couple hours ago.

Weird. A couple of days ago i would  have never figured coming to this camp would have so drasticly changed this small part of my life.

Now where was I, Oh yes. For Cadets i went to this small course where i learn how to survive, im in a group full of 13 cadets, The Alpha Squad. Haha, yes i know thats cheezy, but we were going by the phonetic alphabet, you know, Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta.

Now, i shall tell this story as it happened. How my life was soo changed by one single girl.

The End

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