Kyle and Isaiah raced up to the cabin just as Amy and I finished packing our backpacks. We joined them outside, excited to finally be doing something fun. “What trail should we go on?” Isaiah asked, unfolding a camp brochure. I looked over his shoulder and stared down at the map of all the hiking trails in the camp site. Kyle was doing the same at Isaiah’s other shoulder. My green eyes sparkled with mischief. “Let’s go on the longest trail!” Kyle and I shouted at the same time. Little did any of us know, this trail was named “Storm’s Wakening” for a reason.

I stared up at the beginning of the trail, my eyes glowing with excitement. “Is everyone ready?” Isaiah asked, making sure no one would be unprepared. We all nodded vigorously and we raced up the sloping trail. “I’ll be the first one to that tree!” Kyle called out, pointing to a large oak tree about 20 feet away from where we stood. I grinned. “I betcha I’ll get there first!” I shouted out before sprinting towards the tree as fast as I could.

Panting, I touched the trunk of the oak tree at the same time Kyle did. Isaiah and Amy were behind us, thundering towards us as fast as their feet could take them. Branches snapped under their shoes and a warm breeze pressed persistently at my hair as I stood side by side with Kyle. Sunlight dappled the trail as it shone through the branches and leaves of the trees surrounding us. Those same leaves and branches prevented us from seeing the green-gray clouds forming in the sky above.

Sundown was approaching us as we stopped to rest on a bunch of large rocks. Shadows streaked the woods around us and the storm clouds forming above us continued to spread across the sky. I sat down next to Amy on one of the rocks, digging through my backpack for the sandwich I had brought along with me. After a few moments, I found it and hungrily bit into it.

 By the time I had finished my supper, Amy was already proceeding up the trail with Kyle and Isaiah following her. “Hey! Wait up!” I called out, getting up from the rock and running off towards them. In my rush to catch up with them, I didn’t notice that my backpack still sat on the rocks, full of all my hiking supplies. 

The End

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