I shook my head angrily. “Why do we have to clean up this cabin while the other kids get to swim?” I muttered to Amy bitterly. Amy replied with a simple shrug. Weird…Amy usually isn’t this quiet. Not thinking much of it, I continued readying the beds for tonight. Sunlight seeped in through the open doorway, and a warm breeze came along with it. I smiled at the pleasantly warm weather and longed to be outside having a good time instead of being stuck inside cleaning.

            A few minutes after I have finished cleaning and repairing the beds, I heard someone walk in. At the doorway a tall, lean boy with spiked orange hair was standing, a lopsided grin on his face. His grey eyes sparkled with happiness and his entire face with speckled with freckles.

He walked straight towards me and leaned against the wall, watching me as I worked on dusting off the floors. “Whazzup?” He said, pretending to be cool. I smiled back at him. “Hmm….Let’s see. The sky is up.” I replied slyly. He grinned even wider before speaking again. “I’m Kyle. You are?” “I’m Alyssa, and over there is my best friend, Amy.” I said, pointing to her. Kyle nodded and waved to her politely before turning his attention back to me. “Do you need any help cleaning up this dump?” He said half jokingly. I nodded happily. “Yes, please.” With that, the three of us set to work.

Mid-Afternoon had come, and I was startled when I looked up from the floor to see yet another boy at the doorway. What the heck is up with these people? Amy had apparently spotted him first though, because she was scrambling up from the ground and hurrying over to him already. I shrugged and set back to work, noticing how close I was crouching to Kyle. Not really minding it, I continued scrubbing the floor.

“What’s your name?” I heard Amy ask the newer boy. “I-I’m Isaiah.” He stammered, smiling at her. Amy smiled back, her amber eyes glowing with excitement. Isaiah spotted Kyle a few moments after he spoke. “Kyle! I’ve been looking for you all afternoon.” Isaiah shouted with an edge of anger in his voice. “Sorry bud, Alyssa and Amy needed help with their cleaning.” Kyle replied flatly. Not knowing what to do, I sat and watched, silent. Isaiah looked back to Amy and sighed. “I’ll help you clean.” He offered her, sounding slightly happier. Amy nodded. “Thank you.”

Finally the cabin was clean. I looked at my watch. “It’s 4:00.” I announced. “Why don’t we go for a hike as a celebration for being done with cleaning?” Kyle offered. Isaiah and Amy nodded in agreement. “Sounds like a plan.” I replied with a grin. “Why don’t we get around, and meet back here in 15 minutes?” I added. Kyle and Isaiah shot out of the cabin in no time, racing each other back to their cabin. I watched them from the doorway, amusement glowing in my eyes. Then I turned around, to Amy. “Let’s get our stuff packed and get changed.” I said, grabbing my clothes bag from the floor.

The End

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