An unknowing choice for a summer camp cabin, could lead to a life or death situation.

“Alyssa! Wake up!” I heard my mom call. Sunlight streamed across my room, shining uncomfortably in my eyes. With a groan, I got out of bed and walked through the hall and down the stairs. At the bottoms of the stairs, my mom greeted me. “Good morning, honey. Are you ready for summer camp?” I grinned excitedly. “I totally forgot about it!” And with that, I raced back up the stairs to pack.


  • 5 pairs of jeans
  • 10 t-shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Hiking boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Baseball cap
  • 12 pairs of socks
  • 12 pairs of underwear
  • Sleeping bag
  • Snacks
  • Pillow
  • Myself
  • Money

As I packed, I checked off things off on the list I made. Questions and thoughts raced through my mind as I sifted through all the junk to find my sleeping bag. I wonder what camp will be like. I sure was happy my best friend Amy was coming with. Who would want to go to summer camp alone? Finally, everything on my list was checked off. “Mom, I’m ready to go!” I shouted from the top of the staircase.


After picking up Amy, we began our one hour drive to summer camp. “I can’t wait!” Amy said, smiling widely. I nodded in agreement and looked down at the papers. “What cabin should we choose?” I asked her. Amy leaned closer to get a better look. “What’s does that little fine print say?” She asked. Squinting, I barely managed to read it. “It says Cabin #122. I think the fine print was just a printing mistake.” I replied. We exchanged a glance, and simultaneously said it. “That’s the one!”

It was a little time after signing in to camp; Amy and I were following a counselor to Cabin #122. “Here we are.” The counselor said with a slight smile. Lightning crackled above us as we gazed at the scariest, creepiest cabin we had ever seen. 

The End

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