C3 Lady

This is for you, C3 Lady, my awesome teacher!

C- Coencidentally, I guess, they placed me in your class. I think it's funny how they never even understood how much of difference you'd make on my life.  They just figured that I'd think of you like a regular teacher. But I didn't.  As a matter of fact, it took less than

3- three minutes to realize that I'd like you.  Immediatly, I thought Wow! Here's a class that I know I can look forward to everyday! And I did.  It took me a while to see that I

L- loved you.  That I thought of you as a funnier, crazier mother figure.  That you and your pointless cupcake made my year.  What would've happened if that bus had shut it's sliding door and I'd missed my opportunity to be in your class? I will never know, and for that I will

A- always be greatful. Ms. D, you made a difference in my year, my life.  It was you who made me realize that little things in life can become your bouy during a few choppy waves that life may throw at you.  It was you who made a

D- difference.  I want you to know that. You, alone, did it.  You are a powerful, independent woman all by yourself.  So no, I wasn't the best student, the smartest, the most attentive, or even the nicest, but everyday when I walked into your classroom, I felt like a prized possesion.  Regardless of whether you believe it or not, Ms. D, but it was

Y- you who made me feel like that.  So thank you. Thank you for being the highlight of my eighth grade year at OGMS, crazy cupcake lady.

The End

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