The transformationMature

"What is it about that boy that ails him so? When we left him all those years ago to rot, I'd never thought of such vagaries would be a problem in bringing him back. This Tracy, what has he done to teach him the arcane lineament known so little by even our kind?"

Blair folded his arms and laid back on a tree bark, "Yeah, what makes him so special?"

Weylyn gave him a sideways look, and continued. "Parade in the darkness and sleep in the light. This has been the shibboleth of Lyccans for centuries. And like his mother, that half-breed has made a human his luminary. It's utterly nonsensical."

Blair exhaled, impatient.

Weylyn looked at him with a smirk, "Do not fret, my son, you will get your wish for a companion, but it will not be Kyle. His mental illness will bring only ruin. Do not forget why we are here."

I watched them helplessly from the ground, gagging on my own blood. I lay naked on my back, my head turned towards my captors. Gashes protruded from my legs, and deep trenches were left in my neck from Blair's teeth, my punishment for attacking him. I opened my mouth, trying to breathe but a flow of blood stopped the process. I rolled me over in a vomiting fit. As I moved, I could feel my sliced flesh ripping apart. Fighting back the will to scream, I held a hand to my mouth. I threw back my head, frightened at what I felt.

My skin had vanished underneath a thick coat of brown fur, blade-like claws on my fingertips. My chest began to burn, and I could hear my heartbeats pounding into my ears. I rolled over on my back, my paw held tightly to my chest, feeling my body expand wider with each heart pound. I felt like razorblades were grinding against my insides, slicing through my organs.

My screams blended with roars, and I couldn't recognize my own voice. I could see red liquid overflowing my eyelids, with Weylyn's smiling face disappearing behind it.

Weylyn's face was so clear in my mind's eye. I imagined it as an apparition floating amongst the trees I jumped through.

A roar in the distance stopped my leaping.

"Tracy?" I said aloud.

Fear shattered through me. He was turning.

The End

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