Reunion part 2Mature


"I see you've developed a taste for humans. Just like your mother."


Tracy's face was contorted in terror. He was shivering.


"Let him go, you bastard!"


"Don't move, half-breed!!" he screamed pointing a long, sharp claw at me, "You have no idea what I could do to this little boy right here."


He moved his fangs closer to Tracy's face. I could feel my anger rising, but kept still. If I tried anything, Tracy was dead. He moved his fangs away.


"So, have you missed me, little nephew? I know you've missed your uncle Weylyn, haven't you?"


My lips curled into a scowl. I could feel my fangs stab into my mouth. Tracy was whimpering as a red, dripping organ from his mouth was wiping across his cheek.


Tracy's pleading eyes moved towards me. Help me, Kyle I heard.


My eyes widened. What? I can hear you! Trace, I can hear you!


What do we do?


Just keep still. Don't move.


I kept eye contact with Weylyn, who was still watching me, oblivious.


"I said I'd come back for you, didn't I? I knew it wouldn't be long before your instincts got the better of you. Ever since you came back to this lousy town, we've been watching you and this Tracy fellow here. From the time you hid outside his window, 'til the time Blair infected him at the fair."


I began to respond when three sharp claws on both my shoulders dug into me. My knees gave out. Screaming in pain, I could hear Tracy's calls for me. The claws dug deeper. I could feel my blood trickle down my chest and back. They yanked me to my feet.


“Hello cousin.”

My body reverberated with my pain and enmity. Blair continued to snarl into my ear.

“You know if your dad hadn't betrayed our family, we'd be closer. Maybe even more like brothers.”


I struggled to break free. He dug farther into me in response. My fangs bore into my lips as I held back a scream.

“But don't fret. Soon it will all be over.”

He kissed me gently on the cheek, his long blue hair flapping into my eyes. “Very, very soon.”

Blair's cheek pressed hard against my face.

“Blair!” I heard Weylyn snap, followed by a low growl from Blair.

My anguish was draining me. I could barely keep conscious. I dropped to my knees, my blood flowing down my back in wide rivulets.

Don't leave me Kyle. Please.

“Catch us if you can, cousin. We'll be waiting.”

A pair of barbed fangs stabbed deeply into my neck effortlessly. I could feel the walls of skin spreading smoothly against the cuspidate edges. My eyes grew wide and my mouth burst open in ear-shattering agony. The fangs slid out of me as fast as it went in. Blair's claws retracted from my shoulders and my body took to gravity, crashing lifelessly against the dead grass.

The End

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