Reunion part 1Mature


Chapter 9


"It hurts Kyle, please take it out!"


Tracy thrashed his head back onto the pillow, his mouth open wide in a gasp.


"I can't. It's too hot now. This is the third time we've done this tonight, how can it still hurt?"


"Baby, please," Tracy looked down his stomach to where I was. "It's so big. I just need a break."


I stood up, pulling out. "Well, you better not put on any clothes. The hole's starting to bleed."


I jumped off the bed, my sweaty bare feet making mini-puddles into the hardwood floor. I had a seat in front of the fireplace by my bed.


Tracy tugged at his new naval ring. "Maybe we shouldn't try to put in another hole, this single is good enough."


"Okay," I said, looking into the fire.


"Hey," he called out, lifting off the bed, "You okay?"


I examined him as he stared at me. These past two days had begun to change him. His sandy brown hair had grown to his waist and his once slender build was becoming more muscular. His eyes were beginning to slant upward and his fangs were becoming more profound with each day. He raised his long-nailed fingers up and pushed his hair behind his ears.


"I'm fine, how ya feel? The hole still bleeding?"


He looked down. "Nope, it's healed up already."


Not only had Tracy changed a lot on the outside, his personality was changing. He was less timid; more carefree and rowdy than he already was. Ever since the night he got cut he'd seemed to getting stronger.


He stood up, running his fingers through his hair. My eyes were shocked a little at his body. The six pack tighter, the pecs bigger, his arms more cut. I was getting aroused just by looking.


"What are you looking at?" he said wearing an all-knowing smile, a finger tracing his muscular body. He kneeled down into my lap, our sweaty naked bodies sticking to each other. Even though he was getting more muscular, he still wasn't as muscular as me. I took his body in arms and squeezed, letting my head fall into his hair.


"I'm scared, Kyle."


My head rose. I wasn’t expecting that. "You are?"


I felt his back rise and fall as he sighed. "Everyday, there's something new. Longer hair, longer nails, sharper teeth. Besides the bloodvomits every morning, I feel fine," he turns to face me, "But I know I'm not. I'm turning into a monster, and I don't know what to do."


Tears began to fall down his face rapidly. "I can't fight this like you can. We've got to get rid of it. We just...we just have to."


He buried his face in my chest, crying uncontrollably. I squeezed him tighter, as if to force out the tears.


When he calmed down, he began to innocently trace circles on my arm, still lying against my chest. I sat and watched him, smiling. An hour later, the tracing stopped, and it wasn't long until he was asleep.


I put the fire out quietly after putting Trace to bed. I pulled out a chair and sat across from him. He seemed so peaceful and calm as he slept. Despite my ease with him, I was scared too. What if he gave in and turned into the monster I was dreading he'd become? Who'd infected him? And why hadn't they made any contact yet?


I stood up and paced the room. I knew the one way to stop Tracy's turning was to kill who infected him, but how was he gonna do that?


A thought then raced into my head. Shivers began to pulse through my body.


"Could it...could it be...?"



I rummaged through the dirty pile of books frantically. I knew it was here. I just had to find it. It had to be here. I pulled up a large red notebook and blew off the dust. Found it. Dad's diary.



Lyccans can find relative Lyccans through....


The rest of the page was ripped out. I shut the book. I walked over to the window.


They're watching us.


"What're you doing?"


I turned to see a sleepy Tracy leaning against the doorway, wiping his eyes.


"Research." I said raising the book, then dropping it, "Oh, no!"




I power walked towards him, "You're in danger. We need to---"


The window smashed open, sending me into Tracy. I grabbed and raced to the window in my room. Within seconds, we were three blocks and counting down the street. I kept running, Tracy screaming and exclaiming in my arms.


I kept running, faster and faster. I could my jeans rip apart from the friction. How did they find us? What did they want? Then I heard Tracy screaming for me to stop.


In about thirty seconds we were in an open field. He pushed away from me, gasping for air. He dropped to the ground, a hand to his head.


"I'm dizzy," he raised his head and pointed behind me, "We're at the city limits. See?"


I half-listened to him. I was quickly formulating plans in my head. I couldn't think straight. This was too sudden. I looked at the grass; it was turning yellow from the sun's heat.


"I think I hear someone coming...," Tracy gasped loudly from behind me,” Kyle!"


I whirled around, fearful for what I was gonna see.


"Hello, Kyle. Long time no see."


I recognized that gravelly voice instantly. His long, jet black hair, his sharp fangs, and those cold blue eyes I knew distinctly. His pale thin face, which now was whisper length with Tracy's, was incredibly familiar.


The End

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