Seeing the TruthMature


The tall barks of the trees are almost completed stained red. I stumble along the long forest path, exhausted. My mouth and hands are dripping blood. I keep looking for something frantically, despite my immense exhaustion. I see a shivering, dark figure kneeled onto the hard ground ahead of me. As I venture closer, I can see only human lips baring fangs beneath the black hood.



The gusts near the park were cold and stabbing against my skin. I'd never had a dream like that before. It's been a couple hours since I woke up in sweat-soaked sheets, the dream replaying constantly in my head. I left for some air, and now sat on a bench in the neighborhood park. Who was that guy? I thought, Maybe a family member come for me?


I couldn't think straight. I felt completely disoriented for some reason.


"You wanna come over to my place, tonight?" I hear.


"Sure, let's go."


Two boys were walking past me. Seeing how they were walking so close and holding hands, I assumed they were boyfriends. They both were wearing bondage pants, tight fishnet shirts and purplish black lipstick. I curled my lips in pride. They were a cute couple.


As they walked past, the taller one lowered his head toward me in acknowledgment. I nod back, and watch as they walk away, kissing every ten steps.


Suddenly my heart began to beat in my ears. I felt my chest turn and twist in great stings. I put a hand to my chest trying to stop the pain pulsing from it. As loud as I heard heartbeats, I didn't feel any. The boys, now a little far from me, laugh in the distance. I drag my eyes in their direction. Their heartbeats. I hear them. Another stab of pain cut into my chest and I squirmed off the bench and onto the hard concrete. My chest was imploding. I clasped my heart harder, sweat dripping from my face.


I clenched my teeth, trying desperately to keep from screaming. They're heartbeats were beginning to echo and fade away. I panted maniacally, still holding my pulsing chest, and at once it was over.


What the hell?


I started to bite my tongue in thought, but immediately pulled it pack, feeling a blood-tasting pinch. I slowly traced my teeth with my finger. My fangs had returned.




He looked so peaceful as he slept. The moonlight brought such luminance to his face. I took a hand to the window. Would I have to leave him now?


I backed my face away from the window. My eyes caught my reflection. They were glowing. My nails had grown a considerable three inches and had turned yellow, and there was no way I could open my mouth without seeing my fangs.


The Lunio mark was burning, and glowing red. I closed my hand into a fist, hiding from it. I focused more on the sleeping boy through the window. Even though he was only a few inches away, it'd felt like miles. I opened my hand again. This damn mark!


Angry pools were emerging in my eyes. Damn it! Damn it all!


"Kyle, you okay? You're bleeding."


I flinched at Tracy's face staring at me. ""


"Never mind that now," he said while taking my hand, "come in here with me."


I began to meekly shake my head, even though I let him pull me into his room. I kicked off my shoes before setting my feet onto his bed. Still holding my hand, Tracy wrapped another arm around my neck, pulling my head onto his chest. I felt his smooth cheek rub against my forehead. He began to hold me.


"Relax now, just relax."


"Tracy, I--"


"Close your eyes," he ordered.


I sighed quietly and ordered. Almost immediately, I found myself sinking farther into him. My breathing slowed, and my muscles became less tense. Tracy gives a small peck on my forehead, "There's a good boy."


Our fingers entwine, and his embrace tightens.


"I was dreaming. You were there. We were in a park. A flower petal had fallen on my forehead and you reached over to take it off. It was our first kiss. Remember?"


I laughed without opening my mouth. "It was like a scene out of a bad teen romance novel."


I could picture his smile as he giggled, "Who would've known things would've been this good for us?"


I smiled warmly, opening my eyes up toward him. A sharp sting forced them shut again and I felt Tracy's hands slip away. The lights flicked on and tissues began to rub against my eyelids.


"I almost forgot. You were tearing up blood earlier."


I fidgeted. "Hold still!" he commanded.


I let my hands fall between my folded legs. After about two minutes of silent treating, I felt the tissue wipe away the last droplets of blood.


"Okay, all done, you can open your eyes now."


Tracy looked like a little boy in his matching sky-blue, plaid long-sleeved shirt and pants bedwear. I snickered at how cute it looked. As if knowing what I was snickering at, he gave me a sly grin and proceeded to throw the tissues away, flick the lights back off and make his way back to the bed.


"So," he began, moving closer into the moonlight, "what brings you here?"


"Nothing," I lied, "I just missed you, that's all."


It wasn't that much of a lie. I had missed him. But I had to tell him.


He gave a shy smirk, turning his face from me. I turned to him, taking his face in my hand. The smirk was replaced with a concerned look.


"You're leaving, aren't you?"


I opened my mouth to respond, but closed it in defeat. I didn't know what to say.


"I don't know yet," I said avoiding his eyes, "I've been...uh, thinking about it, but..."


I let my voice trail off. Tracy removed his face from my hand.




"But I don't want to!" I interrupted him, “I don't know for sure but...I saw some guys in the park tonight." I stopped, hoping it was an answer.




"They were....they're blood was.....I could hear it. I could...smell it."

I knew this was going to be another hard confession, but Tracy needed to know. I slowly let myself get lost as I told him the story.

"It drove me crazy. It hurt like hell, Tracy! Just hearing their hearts beat felt like needles in my chest. Why do you think I look like this now?!"


I pointed to my face like a gun. He looked confused.


"Look like what?"


"Like...." I couldn't finish my sentence as my eyes found the mirror on Tracy's desk. My reflection resembled my human self. My teeth had shrunk, along with my claws. Despite my bloodshot eyes, I was back to normal.


I see Tracy stand and wrap his arms around me. Feeling him against me seemed to sedate my shocked state. I exhaled, feeling his head on my shoulder. His breath tickled my neck as he spoke.


"You don't have to go," he whispered, "I'll help you through this, babe. You're not in this alone."


"'Babe'?" I asked, mildly smiling.


He shook his head, "It's this book I bought. There's a guy who likes to call his lover 'babe'. I thought it was cute."


I turned around, focusing on his moonlit face.


"So, what do you say?" his eyes were motionless, set on mine, waiting for an answer.


"I can't answer that," I let my head drop on his shoulder, my hands at his waist. I felt the angry pools arise again. As if in response, I was embraced.


We kissed in the darkness. My hands began to squeeze tighter onto him. His tongue grazed my lips, entering. As our tongues danced, I felt my passion rising. I held him closer to me. His arms encircled my neck and I put a hand to his head as I ventured closer. Our lips soon crashed against one another. He moaned into my mouth, and the kisses became more gentle. His tongue began to slowly explore mine. I held him tighter, fingers clinging with renowned urgency.


I love you.


From outside my closed eyelids, a bright white light was shining. I opened my eyes, breaking the kiss.


"Your hand is glowing." Tracy holds it in his hand, studying. "It's one of the marks."


"Ullio," I whispered in shock.


The glow of it almost perfectly matched with the moonlight seeping into Tracy's night painted room. Could it really mean that Tracy....?


"I'm your human connection, huh?" he whispered.


My eyes floated toward him, "Yeah, I believe so."


The glowing mark on my hand was soon replaced with Tracy's hand holding it, "Well, I guess that means something."


"What?" I watched his lips curl into a warm, seductive smile. He pulled me under the covers, holding tightly to my hand.


"It means that you're sleeping over tonight."


The End

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