A New MeetingMature



I liked Saturdays. On days like this, the bus stop isn't as crowded as it is during the week. I pulled out my new manga as I sat. Before I could get to the second page, a strong gust blew by, throwing off my concentration. I decided then to read it at home. Putting the book back, my eyes fell on a boy walking towards me, fixing his wind-damaged hair. He took a seat with a sigh.


"Damn it, and when it was just right." He lifted and yanked at the strands, which were dyed electric blue.


Throughout this moment of hair trauma, he didn't seem to notice me sitting next to him. When he gave up, he dropped his arms down, pouting. His eyes moved in my direction.






"Was that a manga in your hand just now?"


"Uh, yeah."


I was a little surprised at his comfort. Usually in my neighborhood, completely strangers kept their distance. That combined with the freakazoid hair, it was obvious: He must not be from here.



"Her Majesty's Dog, huh? You like it at all?"


I shrugged. "I don't know yet, wanted to try out a new series."


He perused a little before handing it back to me. "My friends like that series. I'm more of a yaoi person."


I laughed a little in my head, suddenly remembering my countless arguments with Kyle about how shoujo was better than yaoi. Him being a stubborn yaoi freak, and me being of unshakeable opinion, we never got a solid winner.


"You like yaoi?" I hear the boy say.


"Uh....not really. My boyfriend does, though."


My eyes widened and shot to the ground. Why the hell did I just say that?


"Oh, really? A gay guy who reads manga, but doesn't like yaoi. Who would've thunk it?"


He put his fishnet-clad hands behind his head and slouched on the bench. I noticed a rainbow colored pinky ring and wristband.


"Well, if they're some straight guys who like yaoi," he continued, "there was bound to be some gay guys who don't," He then turned to me, a smirk on his face, "I'm Blair, by the way."


The descending sun's light made his skin seemed to glow. He looked a little bit like Kyle. Despite the loud hair, he had the same tanned skin, button nose and thin lips as my lover. They also shared the same slender build. How weird. Aside from Kyle, Blair didn't have the same kind of eyes. Kyle's were more warm and calm. Blair's seemed alert, and the brown seemed to be lighter in sunlight, more of a hazel color.


"I'm Tracy."




For the entire hour and a half I was on the bus, I talked with Blair. I learned of his love of rainbows, piercings (even though he had none), and Kim Ki Bum, some Korean boy band hottie he found on the internet. I learned he'd just moved here from some town in Middlebury and was starting school in about a week. He's planning on being an art director in Japan. I ended up telling him how I wanted to be a photographer for animal magazines. It was surprising how comfortable I was with him.


Before my stop came up, we exchanged numbers.


"Call me," he called as I walked off, “We’ll hang out sometime. Bring your yaoi freak boyfriend too!"


"Okay!" I called back with a smile.


When I got home, I dropped back first onto my bed, grinning at my ceiling. I closed my eyes, feeling peaceful.


"I think I'll bring an extra friend with me on Saturday." I say into the air.


"Oh, is that so? I can't wait to meet him," the air answers back.


I let my head fall on the bed in the voice's direction. "You'll like him. He's a yaoi freak, like you. I met him when I was out today."


A half second later, a head was resting on my arm, dark brown eyes facing me. "Cool, can't wait. By the way, where did you go today? I've been here for a couple hours."


I lifted my head toward the ceiling again. "Out. Enjoying my own company," I responded with pride.


A finger grazed my lips. "I'm glad you had a good time."


I pursed the finger with my lips. "Thanks."


The End

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