Remembering and chasing the pastMature


I didn't want Kyle to leave when he did. He seemed so pained, while he told me. As much as I wanted him to stay the night with me, he was persistent in his refusal. I could tell by his mannerisms that he was really scared, but for what?


It was over now, right? He'd gotten his bloodthirsty tendencies under control, right? Right? I didn't know now. There was something about what he said. Something about his family, and Kyle returning to them. Would he really return to them now? Considering what they did to his father, I doubted it. Still, even though Kyle's mom told his Dad about the Lyccan history, he probably couldn't explain as well as the Lyccans themselves. Did they know something Kyle didn't? I wonder.


"Trace, you okay?"


"Huh? Uh, yeah mom. I'm okay."


I looked down at my half eaten macaroni and cheese and chicken. After hearing Kyle's graphic story regarding bears, I felt a little queasy at the sight of cooked animal flesh. I flashed a glance at my mom. She looked worried. At an attempt to mislead her, I wolfed down the plate without thinking and left the table with a few loud, obnoxious burbs. That was the Tracy she knew.


I rushed up the stairs to my room before she could ask any more questions. It'd been another week without seeing Kyle, and I'd been feeling breezes all day. I had a hunch regarding what would be behind my door as I reached it.


"I see you're still on New Moon."


"Forgive me for paying more attention to my studies than investing in a girl's angst and her ridiculous vampire infatuation." I walked casually over to my bed, lying by the window.


"But didn't you relate to her for awhile?" Kyle lay next to me, putting his arm across my chest, gripping my shoulder. I scoffed, somewhat offended.


"You wish."


Kyle laughed, giving my shoulder another squeeze. I turned on my side, facing him. He looked at me cautiously. His lips curled as my radio turned on, L'arc~en~ciel's Dune permeating through the room. I didn't even feel him move. Speaking of his many skills....


“Thanks to your great storytelling skills, I can't eat meat."

"Oh, is that so?" He went along, "Well that's something we're gonna have to change."


"Yeah, how am I ever gonna face my meat-loving boyfriend?"

He smiled, shaking his head. "How's Rania?"


"She's fine. Wishing for winter to be all year, as usual."


I flashed back to the past, memories of me, Rania, and Kyle going to school together. That carefree year. I soon felt a sense of nostalgic regret.


"We should all get together sometime. What do you think?"


"Really? Sure!" I almost jumped off the bed from excitement. A chance to revisit the old days? Why not? Maybe now that Kyle was back, things would be back to the way they were.




"No, I'm sleepy!"


I growled in frustration into the phone.


"Not now, you idiot! I mean later! Maybe Saturday or something."


As usual, Rania was being lazy. Being "too tired" to come meet me somewhere to talk, she urged me to tell her about Kyle's invitation over the phone.


"I'll come," she said with annoyed sigh. That did it. I hung up the phone. Why the hell was she was so damn apathetic?


I gave my bed a punch. Maybe going out chasing the past wasn't such a good idea after all.


Then an idea popped into my head. With it, I jumped off my bed, threw my shoes on, grabbed my jacket and iPod and walked out into the spring afternoon.


I found myself walking around the city. I treated myself to a manga, a double whopper at Burger King, and the new Meg & Dia CD. While walking down the barely populated street, sipping on the last remnants of my sprite, I wondered why I didn't do this all the time. I didn't need a partner to have a good time. I enjoyed my own company.


I took in the breeze as I thought this, and followed it to the bus stop.


The End

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