Final MemoriesMature

I remembered waking to the smell of blood. I remembered the trees; stained thoroughly as if it had bled. I remember smelling unfamiliar scents, being alerted of Weylyn's demise. I remember walking to the edge of the cliff where I found Tracy's body floating along the river, impaled and lifeless. I remember the roars escaping my grief-stricken lips. I remembered the pile of their bodies. The wood I piled on top of them, and the flame I let consume them.

I remembered the long journey home. I remembered smell of gasoline, and the fire destroying my house. I remembered feeling relief that my family will never find me again.

I remembered watching Tracy's mourning mom, the morose blue of her eyes as she cried in the living room. I remembered his room, entering it for the last time only to grab the picture of us by the tree. I remembered leaving the house, the neighborhood and the town, wishing there was a way to leave accompanied. I remembered telling no one of the link connecting me to this world of men, the one person that was by my side.

The End.

The End

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