"He's coming for him."

Gagging gasps responded, and I sunk my teeth deeper inside, the liquid fire igniting my heightened taste buds.

He looked at me in slight surprise. "You've got great potential Tracy, I can tell you liked meat in your human life."

I sank deeper and ripped the limb from my prey. Blair's arm hung helplessly in my fangs, the taste delectable.

Weylyn looked over to Blair's flailing body, his eyes frozen open in terror. He caressed his cheek with a long golden claw, tracing down to the hole where he'd ripped chest open.


Forgive me, my son."

For a second, sadness flickered in his slanted brown eyes. He rose, shooting a glance in my direction and jumped into the trees, quietly gliding into the forest.

My senses convulsed and I almost keeled over. The smell of sanguinary bark overwhelmed my nose as well as the trees. The same as my dream.

I dropped to the ground, looking at the blood-stained tall bark, aligned with a path leading to a circular opening.

I stepped slowly, trying not to alert my presence to Weylyn, who'd surely have heard me coming. I stopped my stride when my eyes caught a man standing over a motionless, mangled body.

From the back I could tell he was a muscular man. He had long hair flowing from down his back,drenched from the man's blood, a contrast to the brown body hair that covered the rest of of his body.

"He said you'd come." the man said.

My breath escaped me and my body slightly buckled. Oh no.


The man turned around, the face of my boyfriend attached to his head, red droplets sliding out of his malefic grin.

"I missed you, babe." The face said, "I held on for you. And what did you do?"

He began to take a step toward me.

"You let me," he motioned his about himself, "become this."

The enlarged fangs gave him a hissing speech impediment, but it was undoubtedly Tracy's voice, but tinged with malice.

He walked closer. "How could you do this to me, Kyle? How could you? How am I gonna face my MOM like this Kyle? HOW?!"

He grabbed my shoulders and suddenly my feet left rose to the air. I soared through the air,wind blowing furiously against my back, and with back colliding against the unforgiving tree trunk. My spine crush and stabbed inward. I gasped in pain, falling to the forest bottom.

"Don't worry love," Tracy spoke half-heartedly, his approaching footsteps cracking the hardened leaves, "It'll heal up."

My spine straighten itself out, alleviating the pain. I rose before he got any closer. He put up both hands in faux defense.

Blair lay dead and half-eaten behind him, his eyes open wide, his right arm ripped from his anatomy.

"Weylyn ripped his heart out. Wanted to give me a good first meal," he hissed.

" should be human now," I said in denial, "He infected you."

"Guess I was too far gone," he said carelessly, "Otherwise I wouldn't have this."

He held out his hand, a red circle glowed in his palm next to a dull black one;The Lunio.

"I got it while I was eating Freakazoid over there," gesturing a clawed thumb back at Blair. He poked at it. "Hurt a little. I thought you said it burned."

I couldn't speak. I was in awe of him. His strength and speed were enormous. He'd become different.

His slanted eyes burned into me, "You know, I can't even be too angry about your betrayal Kyle. It could've been worse," he sunk his claws into my chest,breaking skin, lifting me against the tree, "I could be pathetic, like you."

Bloodthirst flamed in his eyes. His humanity was almost gone.

Blood flooded in my throat, rushing through my mouth in coughs and gags. He laughed, letting me drop. My chest pulsed feverishly. I struggled to catch my breath.

I chuckled again, standing over me. He smiled sending flashes of the past through my vision sensors all the way up to this point. My Tracy. He'd become a monster.

"T-Tr-Trace..." I choked out.

He kneeled down to me, reaching for my hand, giving it a squeeze.

"I love you Kyle." His words were genuine,and hope swam through me.

"We both love you Kyle."

Weylyn stood behind Tracy's head, barely visible in the forest night. He stepped closer. At once I was on my feet, my claws fully extended. Growls escaped through my clenched teeth.

"I ask that you join us."


"Merely accelerated the process," the calmness of his voice was angering me further. Hatred bubbling in me boiled, I charged forward, lashing at him.

I caught only air. Seeing his figure flying upward into the branches, I propelled myself off the ground after him.

My eyes cemented onto his swift figure, jumping randomly through the trees. I charged harder.

The figure stopped, and I seized his shoulder, biting hard into his neck. His body shaked with his screams. I dug deeper, his blood splashing my face. He lost his footing and we fell.

He dug his claws deep into my obliques, and turned me towards the ground as we fell. I kept my bite in. He pressed harder and ripped through my torso as we collided with the earth. I felt my body go numb.

"Family trumps all, nephew," I hear him say despite my unconsciousness, "Without it, you have nothing."

I heard Tracy walk up to him. I envisioned his furry, taut body shadowed by the moonlight. Even though I couldn't see his eyes I could feel them boring into my skin.

I can't be this way, Kyle.


I can't be this way. I can't be a monster.

I can fix this Trace, I know it. Just let me save you. Please.

I love you, . Goodbye.

The End

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