By Your SideMature

Kyle returns to Tracy after a long time away, but will what follows him home ruin their joyous reunion?


His eyes seemed to glisten in the spring sunlight. He stood there silently as he waited for the bus. There was a manga in his hand. Vampire Knight it read. I smirked.


Still oblivious to me, he stood up and leaned into the street, looking further down the road. Suddenly, a gust blew by, his dark brown hair blowing with it. I walked closer to him, and soon had circled my arms around him from behind. I perched my head on his shoulder, taking in his scent.


"I knew you'd be here," I whispered into his ear. I felt his body shiver against mine as I spoke.


"Kyle, they're people around," he stuttered. I breathed a chuckle. He was cute when he was nervous.


"Let them stare."


I rubbed his ear with my nose before giving it a soft nibble. He gasped sharply. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, and he was biting his lower lip.


"I've missed you, Kyle."


I soon felt his hands grip mine above his waist. He leaned into me. I began to plant small pecks on his neck. He moaned softly.


My eyes fell on the corner, where a black and white bus was turning. I removed him from my grasp and gently pushed him away. "Your bus is here."


He turned to me, and I saw his eyes glisten from the rooftop from which I stood. His eyes fell to the ground. He picked up his bookbag and took one last look into the sky, searching for me. Before I could see his tear fall as he boarded the bus, I turned away, and began my long journey home.


I love you.


I kept repeating the thought as I sat on the bus, hoping that he'd hear it somehow. It felt as if it had been years, not the three months I'd had without hearing from him. So many days of questions and thoughts I had for him that all seemed to melt away once I felt his arms embrace me. I felt my body quiver at the memory. It was just like him to be that open with his emotions in public. I took a hand to my heart; it hadn't beaten like this in months. I clutched it, savoring the moment.


When I got home, I plopped onto my bed. A month ago, I'd put the head of my bed by my window, so I could watch out of it for Kyle. I looked out into it, staring at the old oak tree in the backyard. I sat up, cross-legged, and opened it. I stuck my head into the night, feeling the breeze. The sun was leaving the sky, and the outside had been painted a dark blue. I folded my arms onto the windowsill, suddenly at peace. Another breeze blew by, and I noticed the branches of the oak tree remaining still. I smirked.


"I knew you'd come back."


"Well, you know how I can't resist spring breezes."


I smiled at his sarcasm. I turned my head to the right, watching his feet hang next to the brick.


"How long have you been sitting there?"


"I dunno. I started home after you left, but couldn't seem to get there. Probably a half hour or so."


I grinned and turned my head towards the tree again. I let one of my arms hang out of the window. I felt another breeze and soon felt a pair of lips enveloping my index finger. I rolled my eyes back and took it in. Kyle rubbed his face against the back of my hand, and then let me run my fingers through his jet black hair. It'd grown since I last felt it; the ends had reached past his shoulders now. His mouth took me in one more time and it was too great to bear.


"Please Kyle," I cried, "Let me see you. I want to see you!"


"Keep your eyes closed," He pleaded. Despite my frustration, I obeyed. His lips slipped away. I felt my body levitate and then lay down unto my bed. I soon felt hands caressing my body. Legs rubbed against my thighs, and I could feel Kyle's warm breath against my neck as he peppered kisses against my collar bone. His warm hands spread maniacally under my shirt, wanting to feel every inch they could. I cross my legs onto his waist, locking him to me. My hands scrambled for his face. Once they found it, I forced it above mine. His lips engulfed my own, and his hands held me to him with renewed passion.


As my tongue met his, I felt tears on my cheek. He was crying. My arms encircled Kyle's neck, and we began to kiss more fervently. He set a hand to the back of my head, gently pulling us into a sitting position. As my crotch caressed his waist, he moaned in my mouth. I felt completely at ease on his lap, my arms still around him. He rubbed my back gently as we continued to explore each other's mouths, seeing if the tastes had changed in these long three months we've been apart.


They hadn't.


As our lips parted, I opened my eyes, and immediately began to hold myself. I hugged myself tighter, trying to contain my shock. I was alone. Was I dreaming just now? I took a hand to lips. They were worn out from the rough kissing. I couldn't have.


A heard a door slam shut. Within seconds, I'd darted from my room and dashed down the steps towards the sound, only to find my mother with a set of groceries in her hand.


"Hey Trace," She said with a bright smile on her face, "Wanna help me with these groceries?"


I smiled at her, despite my deep groaning inside.


"Yeah, mom," I responded, "just give me a minute to change out of my uniform."


I trudged back up to my room. When I got there, I closed the door with my back and leaned against it, sighing heavily. It was dumb to think it was him I thought. After about a minute of silent recovery, I began to pull my shirt over my head. While pulling the last of it over my head, a white paper appeared on my bed.


I slowly walked over to it, and smiled at the sight of Kyle's handwriting.


I'll be back for you. I promise.


The End

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