By the Clock

The musician, Kanon Wakeshima inspired me to write this :p
It's about the lives of several girls who live sheltered lives, each tale around five chapters long :) All of them are interlinked somehow ;p unsion

~By the Clock~

Clarrissa sat on her windowsill, as she stared out to the city landscape which showed up well against the peach sky of the setting sun, she thought about how it looked like a paper cut-out to her. 

She knew that outside the massive gates which kept her locked up on the manor was a world of madness, full of crude things. But also wonderful things, things she could come to love if she just escaped! Like chain stores, fast food, parks, video rental shops. All these things were the things a fourteen year old girl had never, ever experienced in her entire life.

Most would say she was lucky, her life was amazing! That she was privileged; what with all of her dresses, private tutor, horses, massive bed and a huge room to encase it, all hour service! Her life was that of luxury.

She came, the girl whose name Clarrissa did not know. She walked past the front gate of the Hallington manor. her head held high as she strutted past in her platform boots, her mini checkered skirt kinking up in a provocative manner each time her right or left leg went behind the other. Today, her clothing was the above and a fishnet shirt. Clarrissa took note that the girl's hair was no longer red, but blue. Clarrissa was thankful that her window was so close to the gate; or she'd never be able to see

'I'm coming now.' Clarrissa said clearly,  jumping off the ledge; giving the two maids a start.

'Have a nice evening Young Mistress.' They smiled coldly in unison

The End

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