Angie's mobile buzzed and she promptly answered it. Walking through the city green space and talking all at once, “Hello?”

After a few seconds on the other end of the line, a cold, and light southern accent replied with an… unusual greeting, “Does he make you wet?” It was abrupt enough to stop Angie in her tracks.

Decisively, Angie responded, “Excuse me?

“I said: Does he make you wet?” The man didn’t repeat the question much differently, yet Angie could tell it was more hurtful the second time. Subtly snide.

“I’m going to hang up now.”

“Fine, but Michael will be really upset if you do.” the man said quickly.

Angie shuddered. “Who is this?”

“Tell you what, why don’t you sit on the park bench right next to you, and we can talk about it.”

This time, Angie’s eyes widened. Whoever was on the phone, knew where she was.

“I know. Shocking,” said the man as if he didn’t care. As if being watched was not shocking like he said it was. He continued, in a bored drawl, “Look, we all want to get back to our lives, so let’s make this conversation short and sweet. Yep, I am watching you,” the man answered before Angie could ask the question, “I’m watching right now. You’re standing there with a stunned expression on your face. You're wearing a blue halter top, a black skirt, and black heels. Now sit down, stay calm… and maybe things will work out.”

Angie obeyed, but she was too scared and surprised to have doubted the man. And she tried desperately not to hyperventilate. But the next thing she did was check herself for a red laser dot.

“Oh please Angie, don’t insult me.” Angie stopped. “I wouldn’t want people to see that kind of thing and get worried. Believe me when I say I’m a fairly good shot.”

She did a sweep with her eyes of the buildings surrounding the park. There were a few. Moreover, they were tall, and featured a great many windows. She didn’t see anyone watching her. Yet she didn’t expect to.

“What do you want?” Angie trembled.

The End

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