By Choice

An introduction to a character in my Shifter Universe.

I stood on the corner waiting to be picked up, dry heaving, and trying to block out the sun. I probably looked the fool... oh not for the dry heaving, but I am sure it was too soon for the sun to be giving me problems. That would come, in time. As I squinted and looked towards it, it hit me, exactly what I had done. It was too late now to turn back, and that time I just mentioned wasn't going to last very long. What had I done? I love the sun. I love being outdoors in it. I turned back towards the door that had closed and locked audibly behind me just a few moments ago. I knew better than to reach for it, I would not find entry there again, not until two days... two evenings hence. As I had been instructed.

It had all been carefully, oh so very carefully explained to me. What I had to do, what I could expect, how once I swallowed the first dose, there would be no turning back. The only way to turn back was my death... and outside of an allergic reaction to the dose itself, I would not be allowed that escape from my new status until I had payed my debt. And that debt was not insignificant.

I was bound to my decision now. Bound by ancient custom and modern day forms, signed in triplicate. All legally and morally binding. In human and shifter courts and eyes.

Oh Gods. What had I done?

The End

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