Change of plans

Reverend Jack had other plans.

He sat alone in the small change room behind the baptismal pool waiting for the congregation (or more accurately, the cast) of the Lighthouse of the Ultimate Salvation to leave the church (or rather the set).

He was hiding. He had a problem. It was a big problem, but a problem that could be solved, temporarily at least, by hiding.

The damn karma sutra company was going to sue. He hadn’t told Mick yet, and he wasn’t going to either, not of he could help it.

Besides, he was getting tired of the pastor gig. A real con man should keep moving and he was running out of new miracle ideas. He had even succumbed to re-running the gold dust act last week. He hoped no one had noticed.

Yes. It was definitely time to move on.

There was plenty of money in the collection basket and more in his secret stash under the baptismal pool filtration pump. It was time to stop saving and start spending again, on a one way ticket to somewhere nice; Bermuda, perhaps, or Spain, Jack had heard nice things about Spain in the summer. It didn’t matter, really.

What mattered was Mick finding out before Jack left. The manager was going to be pissed. The Reverend Jack gig was the longest con either of them had ever run as partners. Jack wondered for a second if he should bring Mick along after all, before remembering the real reason why that could never happen.

He had to find Dee Dee. He swore it would never happen. Never get emotionally invested in a gig. Never get close. But Dee Dee was different; so sweet, so innocent, and so, so sexy.

He needed to find her, find out if she was okay, and find a way to get rid of her husband, what was his name again?

The End

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