God’s face was remorseful, “Come here my child; do not think of yourself so highly. I do not put upon myself such airs. We, the products of creation, do not exist in spite of each other, Michael, but because of each other. Come to me, my blasphemous angel.”

            “What is this accusation? You give me obvious reason to show my disrespect by refusing to share your power.”

            God shook His head sadly, “I cannot, Michael.”

            “Then I will destroy everything you have ever created. I will make it my purpose,” Michael hissed, “I, am above you.”

            Strong shoulders shaking, tears began to flow from God’s eyes, the scent of rain washing over His strange wooded isle just before the rain began pelting down into the sea of clouds.

            Grinning, Michael leapt into flight. And just as quickly, he crashed to the ground. His wings were crushed, matted frames of feather and bone, nothing that even felt attached to him any more.

            “You must take my strength to make yourself appear anything more than weak? Is that not how things are, Father? You pitiful, cowardly—”

            But God’s hand reached out, pressing itself between Michael’s shoulder blades, removing his wings painlessly, diffusing his heavenly glow. Michael panted at the loss of energy and endowment. The icy rain stung his flesh as his robe was unraveled from his meager, pathetic body and he lay on the ground before God: an empty shell.

            “You have wronged me in the greatest way doable. You are not the angel, the Michael I gave existence to. Please understand how difficult it is for me to bid you goodbye… as Lucifer.”

            “God,” Michael rasped, allowing a silence to punctuate the name, “Look what you’ve done to me.”

But as a feeling of implosion overtook him, he grew warmer and warmer, hotter, searing, and burning as he was engulfed in the mighty inferno. God frowned down upon a new kind of creation.

            From the depths of Hell, Michael’s screams of agony morphed into the charred echoes of Lucifer’s mad laughter. He rose from the fire and brimstone to claw the air in his new-fangled beastly form. He skin was scaly and blistering, with patches of oily fur and slivers of blackened bone open to the air. Slime-covered membrane unfolded from his reptilian backbone in the shape of gruesome wings. He cackled maniacally as he whipped his forked tail and thick horns sprouted excruciatingly from the top of his head, making his blood-red eyes roll back in his skull.

            God’s beloved angel had fallen.

The End

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