Michael refused to answer, taking off from the bosky place God had created out of the depths of His mind and spread his wings to find Eternity. He pumped the muscles fluidly, soaring on feathers that glowed with the white of fresh snow. From now on, he would tell God of nothing he found. All creations were made by the power of God, but none could truly be until their existence had been recognized.

            At the edge of Eternity, Michael closed his wings and free fell down the waterfall of mirrors, catching fragments of his robes on the dazzling cascades of time. With startling grace, he spread his downy appendages and caught himself on billows of air. With a sharp turn, he dove into the colors and intricate patterns that made up the river of Time, where the waters of eternity forever flow.

            Past comets and stars, planets and black holes, Michael soared until he reached the place he was so proud of discovering: a living, breathing, Earth.

            The beauty intrigued Michael as he circled the planet, watching it spiral forwards in time; growing; changing. He was sure then, that he would be able to do it.

            This was his true purpose, the reason for which he had been created. He was not a mere servant of God, not a messenger or a scout. He was equivalent to successor or partner. He was destined for control of the universe and beyond.

            With that thought, Michael summoned up what power he could muster and tried to create. But his fingertips did not grant souls, did not bleed genius or caress thin air and make it full of… life. In fury, he crushed together the plates of the earth, pushing a volcano up to the thin, fragile surface where it spouted smoke and flames. Michael sighed with understanding and satisfaction. He could not create. But he could destroy.

            In his mind he was the greater being, for no one could stop him from destroying; God could create as long as He desired but He could not stop the havoc that Michael would wreak. And when Michael had a desolate kingdom of Nothingness, he would reign supreme. God would crumple and fall to His knees before the angel He forgot had ever served Him because he was stunned by his awesome glory.

            Michael smiled and winged his way back to stand before God.

The End

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