But why?Mature

a big sister and a little brother trying to find a way to escape there foster parents who are cruel and find there real parants and and why they left them.

"MICHEAL GET HERE  RIGHT NOW BEFORE I DRAG YOU HEAR BY YOU FILTHY HAIR!" shouted tayna  " NO NO NO"Replied Micheal "RIGHT THEN YOU WILL GET DOWN HERE OR I WILL COME UP THERE YOUR CHOICE YOU UNWANTED LITTLE DUMP". said Tayna. Tayna mummbled to her self why why why did those two people dump these horrible kids on my back just 2 more months it will be all ok. 


"I AM RIGHT HEAR" replied Andy 

"oh i just wanted to disscus my 18th birthday party are you going to chuck me and Micheal out? i want to know so i can get packing for my younger dear brother" said Rose

"I do not have time for you you silly girl go away" said andy firmly.

The End

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