Don't Act Like You Care

Darren Sykes is geeky, blonde and gay. Well, to himself that is. He's a wok in progress working from inside the closet.
David Carthy is all Darren can think about. His red hair and brown eyes. He's teasing muscles and godly features. Sometimes it's just too much.
Darren's gay but is David. When mixed signals arrive aswell as secret admirer notes and events is it who Darren wants? Or will his dream come crashing to an end?

 I rolled over in my bed and turned off my alarm clock putting on my glasses. Ok, I take that back; it's not a bed as such, it's more of a mattress on the floor in the corner of my closet of a bed room. It was tiny. It fit my small mattress, a short chest of drawers stuffed with bands tees and long sleeve tops and jeans, a rickety bookcase full to the brim and a tiny table that acted as a desk with my laptop dumped on top of it. 

"Darren, get out of bed! You're going to be late!" My brother called from the kitchen down the hall. 

My name is Darren Sykes. I'm seventeen and I live with my stupid older brother Ben in a tiny apartment in downtown Chicago. It sucks. It sucks so much. 

"Ugh..." I groaned and threw off my blanket and stood up catching sight of my awesome abs in the mirror on my door. Wow, maybe I should just go to school in just my boxers. Yeah....not happening. 

I managed to wrestle clean clothes out of my drawers and pulled them one. I tugged on my battered converse and started on my hair. 

I have shaggy platinum blonde hair but my natural black roots are easily spotted. 

I ran a handful of mousse through it to give it lift and a bit more volume. I didn't style it; I like the bed head look. 

Right, let's see shall we? Black skinnys; check, Falling in Reverse tee; check, converse; check, scarf; che- Wait. 

I wrapped my checkered scarf around my neck and picked up my ripped book bag and walked down the tight hall to the kitchen/living room. 

"Ah, you're not going to school like that again are you?" Ben complained with his mouth full of cereal. Ew, cereal. 

"What's it to you, what I dress like." I snapped back. I don't particulary like my brother. 

"You look like such a pansy." he scoffed. Yeah, that's cause I am, meat head. 

I just sighed and took out a juice box from the fridge and headed to the door. I'm not in the mood to put up with my homophobic brother. 

I skipped down the stairs to the lobby and unchained my bike from the bike rack. I cycled down the road onto the main street towards school. 

I love cycling; it clears my head. 

I pulled into the school parking lot and pulled up to the bike rack. I pushed my bike into the  grate and chained it to the barrier. 

 I heard the roar of the car before anything. Then the pain. Not again. 

I looked up from the asphalt and watched Harvey Daniels drive his big muscle car down through the parking lot. He does this thing where he will nearly run me down but then stop only hitting me and it hurts like hell. 

I fixed my glasses and struggled to pull myself to my feet. Oh the pain. I limped into school and manuovered my way to my locker. 

I opened my dark blue full length locker and took out my folder and text books. I shut my locker and then met it face first. 

"Haha, Suck on that Sykes." Harvey laughed as I slid down the locker to the floor. 

I watched as he went up to the rest of the hockey team followed by David. Oh God, David. With his red hair and big brown eyes. He makes my heart race just by looking at him. 

I watched him as he past me on the floor. Oh, why did I have to be gay?! Like seriously! Why do I only fall for guys who don't want anything to do with me?! It's cruel really. Hear that God?! You're cruel!

He glanced at me as he passed with a guilty look. 

EEP! He looked at me. Oh, god, I think my heart stopped. 

I pulled myself up and hurried to English. That I have with said boy who I'm crazy about. 

I took my seat in the second row from the back and tried to concentrate on what the teacher was trying to teach. I couldn't get David off my mind. He looked at me. Our eyes met even if it was for like ten seconds. He looked at me; he took notice of my presence.

"Ow..." I hissed and put my hand to the back of my head. I looked down and picked up the paper airplane that I have a strong suspicion caused the pain on my head. I haven't been school an hour and I've been hit by a car, shoved against a locker and now hit with a paper airplane. 

There was writing on one of the wings. 'Open me.' 

If you say so mean piece of paper. 

I unfolded the airplane and read the note. 

'I hope you're okay. Sorry bout Harvey. DC'


I looked behind me to David who was writing down the notes on the board. David Carthy. DAVID FREAKING CARTHY! 

My heart sped up to 1000 miles and my mouth went dry. I just got a note from David Carthy! Oh, god, He hopes I'm ok; he's concerned! Do you think he likes me? I hope he does? I can live my dream of being the future Mr. Darren Carthy. 

I sighed inwardly and just day dreamed  for the rest of class. The future Mr. Carthy...his lips on mine...the heat...the pleasure....the-


My head snapped up just to catch David walking out of the room. Oh, he's so perfect.

I followed him out and stalked him down the hall hiding behind random strangers. This is really unlike me; this sudden burst of confidence and need to talk to him. I've watched him from afar for years. Freshman year actually. I may be a little obsessed. 

I need to talk to him. 

"Hey." I called out to him. 


"Hey! David! David Carthy!" I shouted louder. 

He turned around and looked across the hallway. I hurried to him, pushing anyone and everyone out of my way. 

"Hi." I squeaked when I approached him.

"Hey." He drew out the word like a was some kind of freak that weirded him out which I probably am. 

"Em..." I pressed my lips together awkwardly. Why did I do this?! "Did-did you send me this?" I gestured with the airplane. 

"What are you talking about?" he frowned perplexed. 

"DC, David Carthy. You sent me this in class. Didn't you?" I pointed to the initials on the end. 

"You must have the wrong person buddy. Who are you anyway?" he crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Da-Darren. I'm Darren." I shied back. Bad idea! Bad idea! I could feel the blush crawling up my neck. Why must I be so pale?!

"Well, Darren. You have the wrong person because I have never even seen you before." he shook his head. That oh so....woops, drooling now.

"We have English together." I pointed out. He's lying! He has to be! He looked at me this morning! He sent this note! I know he did! 

"Sorry, man. Hey, emm, I gotta get to class but I'll catch you later?" he backed away and carried on down the hall.

"Me?"Catch me later? OMG! I'm going to die! David Carthy just told me he'd 'catch me later'. Does that means he wants to see me again? Maybe he does like me?  

But he said he didn't send the note...but...he did. I have proof; he looked at me when Harvey pushed me onto the ground and as far as I know he is the only person in my English class with the initials DC. So he can suck it. He does care about me and I'll be damned if I lose it. 

Onto the matter at hand though; DAVID CARTHY JUST TALKED TO ME!!!!

The End

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