When I got to the apartment, I gave him the money and a grateful thank-you and got out of the taxi. I stepped out onto the thoroughly-littered streets and looked up at the slightly dilapidated building that was going to be my temporary home. I didn’t very much like how the roof was somewhat falling down, and the doorsteps were a hard jagged stone that was crumbling like a box of Chips-Ahoy cookies. The walls had dull blue paint that seemed to have been peeling away for a while. But, if I were to live somewhere at all, this was the place.

I walked up the cobblestone steps, up to the front porch, in front of the chipped-away door. I knocked. I felt the vibrations of someone's footsteps coming closer towards the door on the other side.

Suddenly, a burly, tough looking man answered the door. He had an expression on his face saying: What do you want? If you need nothing, go away.

I wouldn’t want to let this guy bother me. I can have a lot of patience at times, but then again, I can be in a bad mood.

“Uh, yeah, hi. I’m Amethyst. I’m here for the-”

“Oh, you,” The man said in a deep, rich, and somewhat irritated, voice, “Yes, I was wondering when you’d come. Come in,” He says while gesturing me to following him inside.

I stepped onto the dirty tiled floor, and looked inside. It’s just about what I thought it’d look like.

It had a slightly-stained tan couch sitting on a red and gold rug. A small television set on a tiny wooden TV stand seemed to wait to be used. It had dust on the top and the remotes looked broken.

The End

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