The train arrived at my stop at about 6:49. I had money for an apartment, but I didn’t really like apartments. They seem too cluttered for me. But this is all I’ve got; I’ve got no other choice.

          I hesitantly hop off of the subway train with everyone else. I’m good at blending in with the crowds. One of my favorite quotes: “You don’t know anyone until you’ve walked in their shoes.” Well, it explains a lot. Most people don’t take heed to the warnings they think are jokes. I never thought I would become the girl that walks the streets alone, wandering, looking for someone to help me. But that’s me now.

          I didn’t know such things could happen.

          But it did.

          It was just the last month when...when they were.......murdered. I couldn’t understand why such horrible things would happen to them. They didn’t do any wrong! At least...I didn’t think so...

          Some of my friends that knew me said I was a natural detective. I can usually find the cause of things that happen. It seems easier to me than others who try to be it. I think of it more of a hobby for me, mostly because I enjoy it.

          I kept walking, thinking, and I didn’t notice that there was a small indent in the ground where the stone was ragged and about the width of my foot. I carelessly tripped and I almost face-planted into the disgusting, faded-green paneled floor. But something stopped me. Something was gripping the back of my black leather jacket.

          I turn around find myself staring at a puny-looking guy about my age, maybe older. He looks like he would be playing the victim as a bullied nerd in high school. I was so surprised, I couldn’t say anything.

The End

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