But I am a teenager

Semat is a 15 year old male from the earth colony. Futa is a female from the water colonies.

There love is immediate but not alowed as Semat is the Kymmer (Kaymmer) who has control of all four elements. He has to become the next king and Futa I destined to become the wife of the water prince and bear his children.

Will there love ever work? Or are they destined to be with ones they don't love?

I went back down to the river to be alone. I prefer to be alone I like the peace, the way no one is telling what to do. 

On the other side of the river was her! She was playing with the water again. Moving her hands around and making the water flow around her, caressing her sweet delicate body. 

I sat and watched her for a while and then I stood and clenched both my fists in an opening gesture. Around me the earth stored, willing to obey my command. 

I slowly raised both my fists, opening them on the way, the earth rose up creating two delicately made legs. As my hands rose and gestured the earth took on more of her shape. 

After two minutes, it was perfected. An exact replica of the girl on the over side of the river. I just needed a blue flower to create her dress. Looking around I saw there wasn't any so I twirled the fingers on my left hand and a sea of blue flowers grew around me. I smiled at my success and then lifted my hands. The flowers all rose in a brilliant blue sheet. I molded them into the shape of her dress and then put it on the sculpture. 


I just needed to find a way of getting her attention. I sat back down, my feet skimming the cool water, and watched her. She was lifting her hand up and them dropping it again. As she done that, the water around her rose up and then fell again.

A sudden urge came over me to copy her and so, frowning, I did so. I rose my left hand up and then turned it and let it slowly drop. 

The water rose and then fell. I gasped in shock and stared at the girl. I done it again, one eye on the girl the whole time, and it rose with my hand and then dropped. The girl wasn't looking. She had moved onto a new gesture. 

I copied it. I put my hands together, as if in prayer, and pointed the tips of my middle fingers to the water. The water rose up in a spiral around me I yelled and fell onto my back, the water crashed back into the river. 

But this is impossible, I thought to my self, no one has two elements apart from the Kymmer. And he is a legend. 

I copied the girl again. This time the water rose into a plank. I watched her and she froze it. I couldn't see her hands move though and didn't know how to do it. She done it again and I watched closely. This time I saw that she breathed on the water. 

My heart plummeted as when I breathed on things, like all earth controllers, I made things fully blossom. 

I tried anyway. I took a deep breath an tasted the dirt and flowers around me. It filled me up, filling my lungs. I breathed and the water froze!

I then got an idea. I lifted my hands up and the model of her lifted into the air. I put it on the ice block and waved my hands in a go away gesture. The block floated and landed next to the girl who jumped and looked at it in confusion. 

She looked over to see me waving, hesitantly, she waved back. I smiled at her as she lifted the water to create a figure.

She sent it across the water and I realized it was a figure of me. It had my scruffy brown hair that just misses my equally brown eyes. Except, of-course, they were the blue or the river.

I had a thought. I used the earth around me to create a young child. A female. She had the girls blue eyes and I use a white flower to make the hair. The child wore a green dress made from the moss on the ground around me. 

I used water for the body and leaves for the sandals. When I finished I sent it over the water. She used a block of her own, sending it over to help mine. She sat it next to her model. I sent my model over and they stood together perfectly. I gave a large grin which vanished when I heard a twig snap under someones feet. 

I twirled around, automatically moving into a defense post, rocks forming around me, ready to be thrown, to see who it was. It was Teran. My eldest brother. 

"What were you doing?" He asked me. 

"I was practicing." I knew that was the truth as I was practicing. I watched his face as he assed how truthful I was being.

"Yeah right. I saw you manipulating the water. How did you do it? And ad said you weren't slowed to talk to that water girl." he told me. 

"I wasn't talking to her. And all I was doing was watching her. I just copied. " I answered truthfully.

"Well dad wants you back at the camp." He told me turning back to the forest. I looked over my shoulder to see the girl walking off. 

She had left the figures. 

The End

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