a man on a city bus realizes he is loveless and has no hope of ever being understood. Finding peace in that is a long ride, and has many stops.

That day in the rain i knew I'd never be loved. Little cars zipped by, with their entranced operators throwing accusing stares at the wet man standing alone on the curb. Safe ittle pods filled with thumping music, spitting rain drizzle on me as they passed. Who were those people, in those pods? Why did I even care? I stood for what seemed like days, waiting for that steamy bus to pop over the horizon of mildewed and grafitti scribbled buildings. Don't make eye contact. Just walk to the back and look straight ahead. The usual afternoon crowd was there. The sad looking nurse going to lunch, The biker with prison tats, and a few junkies. I stared at the nurse as always and listened to my earbuds, quickly looking away when she felt my eyes scanning her legs and thighs. She gave one last peak at me and pulled the cord to got off at her usual spot. Maybe tomoroow I'll make some small talk.

The End

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