A Bag Full of SunshineMature

June 1st 2015

My brain was hazy and my insides felt like they were ablaze when I woke up. The area around my nostrils was crusted with an orange dust and mucus. I heaved silently, retching on some unseen force attempting to force itself from my stomach. I felt a weight on my back and felt with my hands to find Michael’s greedy hands laid out all over me. Once again there was no clothing to keep our skin from intimacy.

I tried to move but but between his weight and the pain in my insides all I could manage to do was struggle and whimper when I wasn’t able to get up. My head was pounding like waves were crashing against the inside of my skull with brutal force.

“Dude, fucking get off him,” A voice sounded, and I felt Michael’s weight shift off of me, “There Austin, you might actually be able to breathe without that pig on you.”

I flipped over slowly to see Chet standing above the bed with an amused look. I remembered my nakedness and fumbled for my clothes on the floor, when I couldn’t find them there I looked up to see my boxers hanging from his index finger.

“Oh calm down,” Chet mused, “I’ve seen plenty of dicks, I’m on the football team remember? We all shower together? Nothing you have that I haven’t already seen.”

I nodded slowly and took my boxers from him, easing them on and wincing as I felt the marks and bruises between my thighs. I stumbled off the bed and to my feet, with Chet catching my arm for support and helping me stand before giving me the rest of my clothes.

Michael didn’t stir but continued to snore loudly as I rushed into my clothing, Chet looking away so I could keep my decency. I finally put everything back on and the pain began to slowly subside inside of me, while the pain on the surface still stung and pangs of short agony were still prevalent.

“Everyone else left,” Chet said, leading me out of the room, “I’ll make you breakfast and we can hang out until Michael wakes up.”

I nodded, feeling slightly uneasy with being alone with someone I hardly even knew. I shuddered a little as I thought about him walking in like that, even though he didn’t feel interested, and he helped get Michael off of me, it still felt weird… We continued down the hall where I had apparently carried after blacking out. We passed the living room and any evidence of a party, be it smell or the hookah, was completely gone.

“You like scrambled eggs Austin?” Chet asked as we entered the kitchen.

I nodded without a word as he got to work, opening the fridge and getting the eggs, letting the pan warm up and then cracking and stirring them. When he poured them down onto the pan it made a very satisfied hissing sound.

“So,” I said awkwardly, “How long have you and Michael known each other?”

“Since we were babies essentially,” Chet said, flipping a gold strand out of his face, “We were born in the same hospital, lived on the same street for the longest, his dad and my dad are best friends.”

“Cool,” I paused for a minute, fighting to get words out, “What’s his dad like?”

Chet turned off the skillet and threw the eggs on a plate and poured some salt and pepper on them. He held it out to me and motioned for me to sit down at the table across from him. His eyes had suddenly gotten darker, as if he was remembering something unpleasant.

“His dad is an asshole honestly,” Chet said, his voice void of any emotion, “He’s always been a drinker, used to bring whores home when he was drunk and fuck so loud Michael could hear them from downstairs.”

“He and Michael’s mom are always fighting,” He continued, “God, I would be scared shitless every time I was over there with Michael and they’d start up. Mikey’s dad has a voice that’d make any man scared for his life.”

“Has he ever hit either of them?” I asked, taking a bite of egg.

“His mother no,” Chet said, “Michael, yes. He’s come home drunk a couple times and starts in with the stereotypical emotional abuse. Michael never takes it though, he’ll scream back at him until they’re in each other’s faces and on a few occasions his mother and I had to pull them apart.”
“Oh,” I said, half to myself, “I heard them on the phone the other night. The man seems like an asshole, they were screaming so loud I could hear them through the walls.”

“Yup,” Chet mouthed as he bit into his egg, “That’s them. Mike is a good guy but he knows how to be loud as hell, and he never takes any shit.”

“But hey,” Chet said, shrugging, “We all have our demons. He usually keeps his under control though, every now and then he needs a little help, but that’s where I can provide.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, putting my fork down.

“Oh Austin,” Chet laughed, shaking his head, “Drugs. That’s what I mean. They can cure anything. You hear all that bullshit from the CDFY but they’re biased. Drugs can help with a lot of things, sometimes it’s all that keeps one’s demons in check.”

“Yeah…” I murmured. He regarded me for a moment, his blue eyes raked me over like open soil, and then he smiled.

“Tell you what?” He said, getting up and rummaging through a cabinet, “Mikey has told me all about your problems with your dad, so I’ll help you keep your demon on a leash.”

He pulled out a compact bag and handed it to me. I opened it to see several dozen pills, and a small bag of powder in the middle. I looked at him in disbelief and set it on the table.

“Why?...” I asked, but no words were able to form.

“I like you Austin,” Chet said, reaching across and placing a chilled hand on my shoulder, “So I’m gonna help you out, that should last you a while, feel free to share with Michael of course, he really enjoys the powder especially, he’ll know what to do with it.”

I was about to pass the bag back to him, tell him no thanks, one of those nights was enough. When I felt my phone buzzing in my jeans. I picked it up and immediately my heart dropped like a stone down a well.

Dad really wants you to come with us next time. He’s at the house now, talking about what you were like when you were little. It’s a bit mushy for me, but he’s really pushing the whole “I want all of my boys back” thing. -Zach

Instead of throwing the pills back at Chet, like I should’ve, I opened the bag up, grabbed a handful of the adderall and shoved them down my throat, and numbed myself back into happiness.


The End

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