The Apple in the GardenMature

May 31st 2015

The tinted windows of his car shielded us from the eyes of the public and caused the lights outside to be dimmed like the stars on a cloudy night. My hand lay splayed in his next to the cup holder that held his cup he’d gotten from McDonald’s.

He didn’t speak, as we were almost there. Apparently he wanted to save his voice for how much bragging he would be doing over me whenever we got there. We were in a very nice part of town, very old as well.

“Who’s hosting this again?” I asked, shifting nervously.

“My friend Chet,” Michael said, “He was one of the football captains, kick ass guy. Also knows where to get the best bud and booze in town.”

I nodded wordlessly, taking a second to look him over. He wasn’t dressed up super nice, but he still looked spectacular. His tight black polo shirt clung to his muscles and made damn sure that every curve was readily available to the naked eye. His Grey khakis went along with this well. and he had on a very expensive brand of black and red sneakers that glistened under every head lamp that was lucky enough to shine a beam onto them.

His car began slowing, and I could see now where the party was, and it wasn’t particularly what I was expecting. Compared to the last party, there were hardly any cars and the music couldn’t be heard from outside of the walls of the home.

“You’re sure this is the place?” I asked, “It seems rather dull for a party…”

“Oh trust me,” Michael said with a devilish grin, “It’s the place, we don’t like many people at these kinds of parties, it’s a lot more fun and it’s a lot easier to have fun if you’re not that loud.”

I nodded as he parked and we got out of the car on each respective side. He came around and wrapped an arm around my waist and led me inside. He didn’t bother knocking on the elaborate door or anything, just flung it open and let out a barbaric yell.

I was greeted to a smoke filled room and a loud, jeering sound of the roar being returned right to Michael. The floor was covered in a dark red carpet, and we both discarded our shoes immediately, and Michael half led/half dragged me into the living room. Comfortable black leather couches and loveseats were splayed out and facing towards a massive 72 inch flat screen TV that was curved on each end for better resolution. A table sat in front of these, with a blue hookah standing out and four different hoses connected to a guys mouth. One immediately shot up at the sight of Michael.

“Hey boys,” Michael yelled, “Guess who’s here.”

“Mikey!” One shouted, getting up and half tackling both Michael and me, “You’re finally here, ooohhhh and you brought your boy toy!”

Michael pushed the guy off of him and gave him a slap on the back. That’s about when he realized I was still laying on the floor half dazed from having the gargantuan guy deck me. Michael laughed nervously and helped me up, making sure to dust me off and wrap his arm around me extra tight.

I finally got a good look at the boy who’d thrown himself onto Michael. he was just as tall as Michael, a little bit slimmer but just as muscular, with short blond hair that fell only a little above his bluish green eyes. He had on a dark black hoodie and sweatpants of the same color, when he smiled his cheeks seemed to dent a little bit and his bright whites were out for all to see.

“Hell of a greeting Chet.” Michael laughed, “Hey boys, come over here, there’s someone I want you to meet!”

The boys who had been watching in amusement now turned their full attention to Michael. There were about four of them, they were all about the same size, though some were a bit less muscle and more fat. One was very short but ripped from head to toe, with a short, dirty blonde military buzz and dark green eyes. Another had dark, curly auburn hair and very pouty lips underneath a set of dark brown eyes. One who continued to puff on the hookah had dark chocolate colored skin and braids, he relaxed in his chair and every time he blew a chimney of smoke out he closed his charcoal colored eyes.

A final one, a boy who was a bit bulkier than the other, had curly blonde hair that went every which way and light, teal eyes. Their attention was focused on Michael now, and I shifted uncomfortably as their gaze was inadvertently on me now as well. Michael’s grip tightened around my waist reassuringly.

“Boys,” Michael said proudly, “This is my boyfriend, Austin. We’ve known each other for a while and only just got together.”

There were collective nods and cheers in my direction, causing my face to turn red. Chet gave me a grin and looked me up and down from head to toe. He took his time, but it still didn’t seem long, it felt like his eyes were peeling me apart and trying to find something, just beneath the skin. When his eyes finally returned my gaze, they were bright with knowledge, whatever it was he’d been searching for, he’d found.

“You got a cute one,” Chet said with a grin, “Much better than the last few.”

Michael smacked his shoulder in mock anger and they both laughed. Michael led me over to the couch with the other guys, who scooted over to allow us into the group. Chet sat to the left of Michael, I was about to sit next to Michael on the other side when instead he grabbed my wrist and sat me in between his legs. The guys next to us all giggled irritatingly and looked at each other, making my face turn a bright red. Chet made a sour face at one of them and handed me one of the hoses for the hookah, which I took immediately and began puffing on to alleviate stress.

The taste of ripe blackberry flooded my mouth and then funneled out like a steaming cloud into the air. The guys weren’t laughing anymore, as apparently I blew a much larger cloud than any of them were capable of. I took another deep inhale of it and then turned to Michael with a mischievous smile as I kissed him and blew all of the smoke into his mouth.

“Damn bro.” The colored guy said quietly, “Your lungs sure can take that shit.”

“Yeah,” I said, smiling as I pulled away from a coughing Michael, “I guess so.”

Michael took the hose from me and began puffing on it, around every second one he would turn and blow smoke into Chet’s face to which Chet grumbled something about Michael being an asshole.

“Aye Trevor,” The auburn hair boy piped up, “You bring the bud?”

“Ah shit yeah,” the short boy replied, “Hold up and I’ll roll us one up.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a very large baggie that was filled to the brim with dark green nuggets that had onsets of deep purple in them. He took out a few and a cigarillo wrapper, grinding the plant like an expert and the filling and sealing the blunt. Fire erupted from his lighter and then the smell of ripe cannabis filled the air like the scent of freshly bloomed flowers.

Trevor passed the blunt from his end of the couch down to the next guy, who took a few puffs and then the next guy, forming an outline of cloudy smoke around the table and the hookah. Michael took a long puff and then grabbed my face and blew into my mouth. I choked on the smoke for a moment, coughing and then took the blunt from him and puffed a few times for myself, feeling time and space fade away within a few hits.

“You bring what I told you to?” Michael said, leaning into Chet’s ear.

Chet gave him a wink and rustled a baggie around inside of his hoodie. Michael smiled and then wrapped his arms around my waist as I passed the blunt back to the other half of the circle. Michael’s head sat on my shoulder and his lips danced across my neck. I shifted uncomfortably in his arms, something felt a bit off with him tonight.

“Wanna go do that now?” Chet whispered, grabbing Michael’s attention, “You can bring him, it’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Yeah,” Michael turned away from Chet and towards me, “Come on babe, we’re gonna go do something fun, we’ll be right back in, I promise.”

I nodded submissively and got up with him, taking his hand as Chet said something about going to the kitchen for something, The other guys were already so stoned they could hardly process anything, so they paid no heed to any of this.

We walked down the hall to the left of the living room and found ourself in the kitchen, which was covered in hardwood floors and dark black granite counter tops. Michael led me over to the table across from the counter and sink and had me sit down next to him, waiting for Chet to come in.

When Chet did come in, he immediately pulled a bag out of his pockets that were filled to the brim with dark orange pills. There must have at least been over fifty of them. I looked in shock and wondered whether or not now would be a good time to run like hell or not.

“You did get me my late christmas present,” Michael snickered, taking out three of the pills and downing them, “Thank god.”

“What is that?” I asked nervously.

“Adderall,” Chet said, taking a few out of the bag and then rummaging through the cabinets, “Try some, you’ll like’em. They’re on me this time.”

He finally found the sharp little knife he had been clambering for the whole time, picking it out and bringing it back over to chop the pills up, he organized them in three lines, then, rolling up a dollar bill, proceeded to snort each individual line. I shuddered as I watched, he handed the knife to Michael, who took out two more and then began chopping them into the same type of lines that Chet had. He rustled through his wallet and then found a dollar, rolled it into a tight cylinder and then began to snort them as well.

“Holy shit that’s great,” He said, finishing the last line and then shoving a few pills towards me, “Come on babe, have a little fun.”

“Michael,” I said, my voice wavering, “I really, really don’t want to do this. It seems dangerous.”

“Baby,” He said, turning his body towards me and holding my hands, “I love you. Do you love me?”

I was taken aback for a moment, the fact that he was asking this right now in front of Chet and several lines of crushed up pills that he shouldn’t have. A small, hollow part of me screamed to say no, and leave and never look at him again. However, the larger part of me asked how much better off I’d be alone. Michael seemed like he cared about me, and even if he didn’t care that much, I still cared for him a lot, even if he did put me in these shit situations. Then I came to a realization, if I was alone, I would probably be alone for a very long time. I couldn’t risk that.

“Yeah,” I said quietly, “I do love you.”

“Then you know,” He said, “I’d never put you in a situation I didn’t deem safe. Trust me Austin, it’s just a little. You’ll be fine.”

I nodded slowly, taking the knife and stared down at the orange pills. They seemed to glow with an ominous orange light, beckoning me to let them come inside. I was in a trance when I began chopping them, making sure to get the lines nice and even. I put the knife to the side and beckoned for Michael to hand me his dollar bill.

The sensation I got when the pills hit my nostrils was the most euphoric, exhilarating, and powerful thing that I’d ever felt in my entire life. A single bite of the forbidden fruit that would cause the fall into decay.

The End

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