Digging up HolesMature

When 20 year old Analise Duffy is faced with the challenge of taking over her dad's burrowing company, or living out her dream of becoming a writer, tension starts to arise in the family. Analise feels that there is no one she can turn to except her devilishly handsome neighbor who seems to have to few hard decision to make as well.

"Analise!" I could hear my mother's screech from under the covers. How hard could it be to get ten extra minutes of sleep on a Saturday? "Analise you bring your butt down right now!"

"I'm coming you're highness!" I shouted back. Ever since I confronted dad about not wanting to take over the family business, he's been pushing me to work more with him. He seems to think the more I work a horrible job, the more I'll eventually love it.

Once I slipped on some overalls, boots, and gloves, I walked down stairs. I looked at the clock to the right. It wasn't even 7 a.m. yet. Who can raise there hands and say that their parents woke them up at 6 in morning everyday since they were eight to burrow through mud, sharp rocks, and pesky bugs?

"What took you so long?" Ma asked in her thick Irish accent. "It's almost 7, you were supposed to be up an hour ago. Now you're gonna an upset your father."

"I, upset him," I pulled my hair back out of my eyes. "I told him I didn't want to do this anymore, and yet, I'm still being forced to do it."

"Well move out then you can set your own rule. Otherwise, no complaining."

"Fine then, don't try to sneak into my wedding when I go off to find a really rich man. You watch, he'll put dad's business to shame."

"Yeah, yeah, take your hardhat. We've got work to do." Ma never fell for my useless ranting. I guess she always chalked it up to it all being bullshit. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like it we lived in America or Japan, or even England. I want to find a way out of here and fast.

The End

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